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₹200 crore for Covid-19 relief steps

₹200 crore towards Covid-19 response.

According to the Pune-based firm, the financial support will be utilised to alleviate the immediate on-ground challenges as well as to build capability and resources to tackle a possible third wave of Covid-19.This contribution is in addition to ₹100 crore donated by the Bajaj Group last year."Given the severity of the second wave of the pandemic, we pledge an additional financial support of ₹200 crore towards Covid-19 response," Rahul Bajaj, chairman emeritus, Bajaj Group said in the statement.Recently, the group has aided in the procurement of 12 oxygen plants to provide more than 5,000 LPM (Litre Per Minute) of oxygen supply to rural and urban hospitals, along with respiratory support equipment such

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