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‘We shut down early and we shut down hard’: What a 2nd lockdown could look like in New Brunswick

coronavirus red alert level, but Premier Blaine Higgs is already warning that if case numbers fail to improve, parts of the province could head into a “lockdown” as early as the end of the week.“We are deciding what a lockdown looks like this week and if we don’t see immediate results over these coming days, then certainly we won’t be afraid to take the next step by the end of the week if necessary,” said Higgs at Tuesday’s COVID-19 update.What exactly a further, more restrictive alert level would look like is not immediately clear. When the province moved to a colour-coded phase approach in April, red was the most restrictive level and looked somewhat similar to what New Brunswickers endured in March.


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COVID-19 recovery.Theresa Jarvis has a daughter in middle school and her husband is a military veteran with health complications.She said she started the petition Monday, less than 24 hours after Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy announced schools would stay open, with increased restrictions, during the red phase.This represented a change to New Brunswick’s Return to School plan unveiled in September. New Brunswick reports 36 new COVID-19 cases, moves Edmundston to red phase The petition applauds the work of Cardy and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr.
COVID-19 update on Tuesday as officials are expected to announce a decision on whether more regions in the province will be moved to the red phase of the COVID-19 recovery plan.Premier Blaine Higgs will be joined by Dr. Jennifer Russell for the 3:30 p.m.

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