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Brampton mother questions hospital, healthcare system in wake of son’s COVID-19 death

COVID-19, last sat in the backyard of his Brampton family home is covered in plastic wrap.It is surrounded by potted plants and bright coloured flowers, and attached to the back is a photograph of his smiling face.Singh’s mother, Manmeen Oberoi, said the family wanted to keep the chair protected from the rain.His brother-in-law said it was his favourite spot.

Toronto MD thinks pilot vaccine program should have gone to another hot zone, not Kingston There is an overwhelming sense of grief as the family mourns the 36-year-old, who died following a brief battle with COVID-19.Oberoi said it all happened very quickly.After her own mother’s non-COVID-19 related passing in April, Oberoi began to feel ill.Soon after, she, her husband and their

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Manmeen Oberoi