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Lorraine Kelly - ‘Oh my god!’ Lorraine Kelly taken aback by ‘awful’ health realisation - express.co.uk
‘Oh my god!’ Lorraine Kelly taken aback by ‘awful’ health realisation
ITV talk show host Lorraine Kelly admitted that she was getting as little as four hours sleep per night during lockdown.The journalist has teamed up with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) in hopes of getting her “va va voom back”, after forming unhealthy lifestyle habits over the course of the pandemic.Lorraine, 62, said that due to a lack of exercise and routine, she was only getting around four hours of sleep during lockdown.The star also discovered that she had gone from a size 10 to a size 14 and has agreed that while the perfect size is different for every person, she wanted to get back to feeling like herself again with the help of WW.Talking about her new plan with the brand, she emphasised the difference that it has already made to her nighttime routine.“I’ll tell you what, the thing it’s making me focus on more than anything is sleep,” she said.“During the pandemic, I’ve not been sleeping as well as I might.“I go to bed because I’m watching the news and getting updates, and then waking up feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything.“Because we’ve all had that; we’ve all had anxiety and stress. Goodness me we’ve all had that, we’re human beings!“It’s just when it tips into dominating your life, but the sleep app has been really good for tracking my sleep.”She continued: “When you see it written down as, ‘Oh, you’ve had 4 hours,’ you realise it’s not enough.And it makes me go, ‘Oh my god!’ she exclaimed dramatically.“Because sleep deprivation is one of the most awful things.