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Why now is the best time to book holiday air travel

FILE - Delta Airlines customers check in for flights at San Francisco International Airport on May 12, 2022, in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Don’t be fooled by temporary drops in airline tickets, an expert told FOX Weather, prices are heading back up and airlines are chopping flights for the fall and holiday. The time to buy holiday air tickets on a budget is the next several weeks."After the chaos of the summer, I'm really happy to say that prices are already coming down.

Now, normally, they've dropped 10 to 15%, [through] the end of August and September anyway. But this year, we're actually looking at prices already coming down 25% and availability should be really good," commercial pilot and FlightAware spokesperson, Kathleen Bangs told FOX Weather. "Meaning if you want to buy a ticket in August and September for later this year, there's plenty of seats open at really good fares."THUNDERSTORMS HUNDREDS OF MILES AWAY CAN WREAK HAVOC ON AIR TRAVELBangs noted that prices have already fallen and historically continue to fall as kids head back to school.

This year, most airlines saw an early peak in vacation travel demand. Most likely, travelers felt a pent-up desire for trips after Covid-19 restrictions and fears over the past two years. So, as many people have already gone on vacation, the drop in ticket prices is even more pronounced.TAKING FLIGHT: NEW AIRLINER ‘OVERTURE’ HOPES TO USHER IN NEW ERA OF SUPERSONIC TRAVEL"But, buy those tickets within the next six weeks because once it comes to October, fares are going to go way up again," Bangs said.

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