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Covid vaccine passports in Scotland are worth 'the fuss', insists John Swinney

John Swinney has claimed he doesn't understand "the fuss" over the introduction of covid vaccine passports in Scotland.

The Deputy First Minister defended the controversial scheme which was initially rolled-out in October and sees Scots asked to prove their vaccination status before they are allowed in certain venues.

Under current rules, members of the public are required to show a digital or paper copy of the passport before they can enter a nightclub or attend a large sporting event.

But Nicola Sturgeon this week hinted the scheme could soon be expanded to include other venues as a condition of Omicron restrictions being dropped.

Vaccine passports are opposed by the Conservatives and Lib Dems who view them as an unnecessary intrusion in people's private lives.

There are also claims the scheme has failed to encourage vaccine hesitant members of the public to get jabbed.

But Swinney - appearing in front of Holyrood's recovery committee - said: "The vaccine certification scheme works well.

"I fail to understand what the fuss is about it. I think it’s a completely reasonable request for us to make.

"When you have a system in place that involves over 10 million individual vaccinations, there’s bound to be teething issues on certain vaccine certificates and I’ve made it clear that ministers will help to resolve any issues.”

Swinney would not be drawn on any future expansion of the scheme to include more venues.

Meanwhile, Jason Leitch said he did not understand the push for more data on people who have been hospitalised because of the effects of the virus.

The figures were released on Friday by Public Health Scotland (PHS) in an effort to better understand the severity of the new Omicron variant.

The analysis showed that as much as

hospital vaccine

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