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Around 05 children test positive for COVID-19 weekly: LRH

COLOMBO (News 1st): There is a considerable rate of COVID-19 cases reported at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children (LRH) given the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country.“Among the patients who visit the hospital, around five (05) children are confirmed to have contracted the virus weekly, while the same rate of mothers is also found to have contracted the virus,” Dr. G.

Wijesuriya, the Director at the LRH told News 1st on Wednesday (May 05).However, Dr. Wijesuriya emphasized that children who test positive for COVID-19 are NOT treated at the LRH; “The children who are confirmed to have contracted the virus are treated at special wards dedicated for the treatment of COVID-19,” he noted.Whilst pointing out that the COVID-19 pandemic has

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