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Global National: April 17

In our top story: Mariupol, Ukraine is on the brink of falling to Russia, which would mark the first major victory for Russian forces in nearly two months of war. Redmond Shannon reports on the latest in the war. Even as Russia has become increasingly isolated as its invasion of Ukraine continues, one ally that has been steadfast in its support is Belarus.

However, the country is now seeing an anti-war movement among its own people. Jeff Semple reports. Shanghai has been completely shut down for weeks under the country’s zero-COVID policy.

As Mike Drolet reports, rifts are starting to form over China’s strict COVID-19 mandates. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is facing backlash for his extreme measures to control the influx of migrants crossing the border, and the state is now bussing migrants out of the state to Washington D.C.

Jennifer Johnson reports. Legal cannabis is big business in Canada, contributing tens of billions of dollars to the country’s GDP since being legalized in 2018. But while it’s a major economic driver, growers are still facing challenges.

Emad Agahi explains why. It has been 40 years since Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enshrined in the Constitution. But all these years later, some Canadians say the Charter still falls short.

Eric Sorensen reports. The Cold War era has been over for decades, but one sign of the times still stands on Canada’s West Coast. As Squire Barnes reports, it’s the last remnant of the peace movement that swept the city of Vancouver nearly 40 years ago.

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