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G20: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen tests positive for COVID after hosting summit

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday he has tested positive for COVID-19 at the Group of 20 meetings in Bali, just days after hosting many world leaders, including President Joe Biden, for a summit in Phnom Penh. In a posting on his Facebook page, the Cambodian leader said that he had tested positive Monday night and that the test had been confirmed by an Indonesian physician on Tuesday morning. He said he was returning to Cambodia and was canceling his meetings at the G-20 as well as the following APEC economic forum in Bangkok.

"Beloved compatriots! Now I have tested positive for Covid-19," he wrote on Facebook, saying he had been tested every day including before flying to the G20 in Bali, and all the results had been negative. "I am not sure when this virus came to me, but when I arrived, the Indonesians took a sample from me in the evening, and in the morning it confirmed Covid-19 positive." He said it was "lucky" that he arrived in Bali late and missed a dinner with other leaders. For safety reasons, the Cambodian delegation will return home on Tuesday, he said, meaning he will miss meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron at the APEC summit in Bangkok later this week.

Hun Sen met at length with Biden on Saturday in Cambodia, first in a bilateral session and then co-hosting a meeting between the US and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. After that the two leaders sat next to each another at a lengthy gala dinner. Biden, who turns 80 on Sunday, had five Covid-19 vaccinations, including an updated version of the shot, known as a bivalent vaccine, last month.

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