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Disabled Twitter worker learns he’s fired as Elon Musk mocks him online

Twitter, says he was left in the dark about his employment status at the social media company after access to his work computer was cut.After nine days of no clear answer, he publicly tweeted at Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk. Their ensuing conflict quickly went viral online, culminating in Musk questioning the man’s disability and Thorleifsson eventually learning that his employment had been terminated.The bizarre interaction began with Thorleifsson asking Musk on Twitter if he still had a job, after he and allegedly 200 others had access to their work computers axed over a week prior.


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Elon Musk - Elon Musk claims strange new Covid strains are 'giving him kid naming ideas' - dailystar.co.uk
Elon Musk claims strange new Covid strains are 'giving him kid naming ideas'
Elon Musk has claimed that the names of new Covid variants are giving him inspiration for the names of future children.The world’s richest man was responding to a story discussing how variants of Omicron are appearing differently around the globe, rather than just as a single strain.On Twitter, Shibetoshi Nakamoto – the pseudonym for the person behind the cryptocurrency Dodgecoin – posted a screen grab from the article along with a caption.READ MORE: Elon Musk says World War Three could be on the horizon as Putin prepares his nukes“Did Elon Musk name these new covid variants[?]” they asked.Musk appeared to deny that he was in fact the person behind the naming, but did it admit it was giving him inspiration.He replied: “Definitely giving me kid naming ideas”.Musk has a bit of a track record of unusual baby names.In May 2020, the Tesla founder shared a snap of his and musician Grimes’s newborn son.The accompanying caption revealed that the baby boy’s name was “X Æ A-12 Musk” – something that people still find impossible to pronounce.X Æ A-12 was the couple's first child together.Some people were convinced the name was pronounced as “X Ash Archangel”, in reference to a Lockheed aircraft that is nicknamed Archangel.On Twitter, one fan mused: "How do you pronounce that even? Like you can't just go "Come here X AE A-12", like is it pronounced John or Smith.