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Gogglebox's Jenny gives fans a health update following her absence

Gogglebox star Jenny Newby has given fans a health update, following her operation earlier this month. Jenny's Gogglebox co-star and best friend Lee Riley previously confirmed that she had recently undergone minor surgery in hospital, and was recovering. But now, the Gogglebox star herself has confirmed that she will be returning to our screens on Channel 4 soon.

Related: Gogglebox stars have unexpected The Chase debateIn a video posted on their joint Instagram account, Lee and Jenny addressed her recent absence and thanked fans for their "well wishes". "Hi everybody! You'll never guess who I've just bumped into," said Lee, before turning the camera to reveal Jenny on the sofa behind him. "I just want to thank you all for your kind get well wishes.

They've really cheered me up, thank you very much," she said. However, the star did share a bittersweet announcement. While she will be back on Gogglebox armed with commentary for any show thrown her way soon, it won't be during the current series, which ends tonight (May 27).

A post shared by Jenny And Lee (@jennyandlee_gogglebox)Related: Gogglebox's Ellie Warner returns as fans show loveJenny confirmed that her break from screens will continue a little longer, but she and Lee will be back for Gogglebox's 20th series later in the year. "September, guys. We'll be back in September," Lee added.

"See you all later. Have a lovely summer, everybody!" The duo have been on people's screens, cracking jokes and providing witty banter, since 2014. The two best friends, who've known each other for almost 30 years, even moved in together to form a bubble during the pandemic, so they could safely appear on the show together while complying with public health regulations.

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