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Gun violence survivor creates boxing program in Mantua for at-risk youth

MANTUA - When it comes to saving the streets of Philadelphia, it takes more than words – it takes action. One program in Philadelphia’s Mantua section is teaching at-risk kids a more disciplined way to solve their problems.Boxing has always been an escape for Jahzir Davis."I was chasing the fast life and what the streets was giving me.

That’s what I was chasing," Davis said. "Sadly, I got shot and I was like, it’s time to change my life around."After years of being part of the problem, he’s become a key solution to the gun violence that plagues Philadelphia.On a rainy Saturday, the James L.

Wright Rec Center was the place to be for kids from Mantua and all over Philly.For the past few months, Davis and a few other community leaders have been getting together to give kids a fighting chance at a better life.La’Mia Blount, 11, showed off her impressive 1–2 combos that Davis has been teaching her the last few weeks."I used to dance, but her prices kept going up, so I had to get out of dance," Blount said. "Then I did cheerleading and then that didn’t work out.

That’s when I just found boxing, and I like it."FOX 29’s Eddie Kadhim met Davis at his job working for the Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti Violence Network at a scene where a 14-year-old was shot and killed."I’m trying to be a person that wants to help and be able to create something, so these kids don’t be the next kid getting shot or being the person that’s shooting," Davis said. "I’m just trying to make a change."On most Saturday afternoons, over 50 kids come.

The program isn’t limited to just boxing, as a basketball coach is on the court next to the boxing room, running drills simultaneously.Lessons 10-year-old Ky’mir Byrd appreciates. "It teaches me how to be a great

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Eddie Kadhim - Residents voice concerns about spate of Philadelphia shootings involving teens, car thefts - fox29.com - city Philadelphia
Residents voice concerns about spate of Philadelphia shootings involving teens, car thefts
PHILADELPHIA - Concerns about gun violence are mounting for residents in two Philadelphia neighborhoods where police say teens were injured in shootings that involved attempted car thefts. Carlian Burns lives near the intersection of 24th Street and Ridge Avenue where police say a 16-year-old old and an 18-year-old were shot during a suspected car theft Friday morning."It’s wild because something is always happening," Burns said. Both shooting victims were found by police and taken to Temple University Hospital where the 18-year-old who suffered multiple gunshot wounds was placed in critical condition. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESHours earlier, police in Philadelphia's Tacony section said a shootout erupted in broad daylight when the owner of a Toyota sedan caught two teens attempting to steal the car.An 18-year-old was shot multiple times in the exchange of gunfire with the vehicle's owner, who police say is licensed to carry a firearm and is cooperating with the investigation. The second suspect who was inside the driver's seat when the gunfight erupted managed to drive the stolen car about a block before he crashed and fled on foot, according to police. "I feel like we're living in the Wild, Wild, West right now, with no laws and no honor," Sherron Weeks said. A Philadelphia neighborhood is left shaken after police say a gun battle erupted in broad daylight between a car thief and the owner of the vehicle.She's experienced the violence plaguing North Philadelphia first-hand, telling FOX 29's Eddie Kadhim that she was attacked in her neighborhood over a month ago."They're hurting us around here, I just got stabbed in my head and my arm by a woman who took my coat right there on 23rd and Ridge," Weeks said. Rita Henderson from