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Emotional Kate Garraway confronts Matt Hancock over flouting lockdown rules amid husband Derek’s health battle

KATE Garraway was close to tears as she grilled former Health Secretary Matt Hancock over flouting lockdown guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. The emotional Good Morning Britain host, 55, called out the I'm A Celebrity star for his actions and flagged how her husband Derek Draper was left fighting for his life after contracting Covid in 2020.

Derek has since faced many health battles including sepsis. On Tuesday's ITV show, Kate repeatedly blinked to try to hold her emotions back as she took the lead in the tough interview.

She told viewers how she had repeated contact with the politician during the pandemic, and supported some of the additional measures Matt, 44, had called for. These included expanding the symptoms list and putting long Covid under a greater spotlight.

read more GMBwho is that? GMB presenter looks unrecognisable as he transforms into Star Trek icon MORNING PERSON The lowdown on Charlotte Hawkins, the GMB host and Strictly star Yet as she pushed back her sadness over the dad of her two kids - who has been fighting to overcome health problems ever since - she addressed the I'm A Celeb finalist and flagged the "moment you fell in love" with ex aide Gina. "I suppose the problem [upset at his rule-breaking] is you were the Health Secretary," she said.

"Because at that time it mattered and my husband Derek was in hospital and not able to see his kids. "And the thousands of other people couldn't see people that they loved because they were following the guidelines." Most read in News TVemily's tears Emily Atack breaks down in tears as she reveals horrific online sexual abuseterror SAS: Who Dares Wins star rushed to hospital after suffering shock seizure on screenHE'S BUZZING BGT in chaos after Bruno

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Kate Garraway - Hilary Jones - Derek Draper - Inside Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper's tragic Covid journey after NTA win - - Britain
Inside Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper's tragic Covid journey after NTA win
Kate Garraway and her husband Derek Draper have been through hell over the last two years, but their battle isn't over.When Derek was hospitalised in March 2020, he became the UK's longest suffering Covid patient after spending 13 months in hospital.Kate and former political advisor Derek have been married for 17 years and doting parents share two children, 16-year-old Darcey and 12-year-old William.READ MORE: Kate Garraway in emotional plea as she says there's 'no end' to Derek Draper's careGMB star Kate documented their heartbreaking health journey in her ITV film Finding Derek, which won Best Documentary at the National Television Awards last year.Now, Kate has won for a second year, taking the Authored Documentary category at the 2022 National Television Awards, showing just how much their story has moved the nation.Daily Star has taken a look back at the couple's heartbreaking health journey.Derek was rushed to hospital on March 30 2020 with serious Covid symptoms - but it wasn't until April 3 when Kate shocked viewers with the news.She explained Derek had experienced headaches, numbness in his hand and severe breathlessness where he struggled to hold his breath for longer than ten seconds.The presenter turned to her colleague Dr Hilary Jones for help and he urged her to phone an ambulance, after which he was rushed to intensive care.He was then placed in a medically-induced coma and remained unconscious for 13 weeks while being treated by hospital staff.Kate stayed by her husband's side and kept her viewers updated about his condition on Good Morning Britain.Derek finally woke up from his coma in July 2020, but he would remain in hospital for many more months.Kate was warned by medics that Derek still had a long
Kate Garraway - Derek Draper - Kate Garraway gives heartbreaking health update on Derek as he faces new fight in hospital - - Britain
Kate Garraway gives heartbreaking health update on Derek as he faces new fight in hospital
Kate Garraway, 55, has revealed her husband Derek Draper is back in hospital again fighting sepsis.The 57-year-old first developed the condition earlier this year, two years after doctors fought to save him from coronavirus.In an update on his health, the Good Morning Britain presenter said she is once again trying to get him back home.Kate has been a carer for her spouse since he left hospital last year following a year-long battle with Covid-19.Of being his first-hand support, she told The Sun: "We all clapped for carers with vigour during the pandemic because they were saving lives right before our very eyes, but the trouble is, when the direct fear of life-or-death passes, this celebration gets quickly forgotten, but the caring goes on."It’s not sexy or the stuff of movies, like pulling someone from a burning building or giving mouth to mouth, but it’s no less vital to life."Nicola Adam's partner Ella hits back over lingerie breastfeeding picThe mother-of-two went on to say that she still remains "constantly inspired" by those who have cared for her husband during his health battle.She also told readers that doctors had left him a special message in his birthday card as Kate praised them for going above and beyond their duty.The presenter continued: "On his birthday they wrote in a card, 'We celebrate every day your braveness and strength to keep going through the pain, struggles and setbacks'."And then added, 'But today on your birthday, we want to celebrate you, Derek, the man, not the trauma, but you as a person'."The presenter said such a gesture was "care" to her "in its purest form".Sepsis is life threatening and can be hard to spot, as stated by the NHS.It happens when your immune system overreacts to an
Kate Garraway - Derek Draper - Who is Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper and how is his health now? - - Britain
Who is Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper and how is his health now?
Kate Garraway has had the nation in tears with her regular updates about the condition of her husband.Derek Draper had an unusually severe form of long Covid which nearly cost him his life.Coronavirus ravaged the former Labour Party adviser’s body from top to bottom, causing brain inflammation, kidney failure, damage to his liver and pancreas and his heart to stop several times. He lost eight stone and was left with holes in his lungs from repeat infections.The 55-year-old did manage to return to the north London home he shares with his radio presenter partner and their two children but requires round-the-clock care.Even two-and-a-half years on from first contracting the virus, his wife — who is on ITV's DNA Journey to learn about her family history on Thursday (October 6) — said he still struggles to communicate.Derek Draper is a PR and former political advisor who was born in Chorley, Lancashire, on August 15, 1967.Draper entered politics after university, securing a job in 1992 with Peter Mandelson, then MP for Hartlepool and a central player in Tony Blair’s New Labour government.He later shifted to head up a lobbying firm called GPC Market Access between 1996 and 1999.While working there, he was embroiled in a scandal known as “lobbygate”.Draper was caught on tape boasting to an undercover reporter from The Observer, posing as a businessman, offering to sell access to government ministers.He denied the allegations and accused the newspaper of attempting to entrap him.The incident saw Draper leave politics to retrain as a psychotherapist, studying for a masters in the US.In 2008, Draper made a return to British politics and a year later set-up the website LabourList, a blog that focused on Labour Party news.
Kate Garraway - Derek Draper - Kate Garraway updates fans on Derek Draper's health after leaving medication in taxi - - Britain
Kate Garraway updates fans on Derek Draper's health after leaving medication in taxi
Kate Garraway has thanked her fans helping to find her husband Derek Draper's medication after she accidentally left the supplies in a taxi.The Good Morning Britain presenter got herself and her 54 year-old husband into hot water after she mistakenly left Derek medication in a cab after a weekend hospital visit.She previously took to twitter pleading with her fans for help with a call to action:READ MORE:Kate Garraway found 'new ways' to love Derek after heartbreaking Covid hellShe wrote: " @BC_Lostproperty help!! Have just brought derek home in a mobility black cab from hospital for a weekend visit & have left a case with all his meds and kit in the front!"Adding: "The driver recognised me but may not know it’s there - please look & get in touch - need urgently!!"But thanks to the help of a dedicated fan, the vital medicine was returned to the couple after a follower who remarkably knew the cab driver got in touch with the Life Stories broadcaster.The loyal fan responded: "I know the driver Kate as he mentioned he'd taken you and your husband to me this evening. I’m trying to get in touch right now."And after the situation was resolved and the supplies were retrieved, Kate made sure to give an update her worried followers.Taking to Twitter this morning, she wrote: "It’s been returned! Thanks to all who reached out - the message got to driver lovely Robert who has returned it - phew and thanks to all.
Kate Garraway - Derek Draper - Kate Garraway ‘shuts down husband Derek Draper’s firm after Covid battle amid £200,000 debt’ - - Britain
Kate Garraway ‘shuts down husband Derek Draper’s firm after Covid battle amid £200,000 debt’
Kate Garraway has reportedly shut down her husband Derek Draper’s psychotherapy firm following his difficult battle with Covid-19.Derek, Kate’s husband of 17 years, suffered organ damage after he contracted the virus and now requires round-the-clock care.The company, Astra Aspera Ltd, reportedly owes £184,000 — including £125,000 in taxes and a liquidator was said to be appointed on Tuesday to break up the firm’s assets.A source told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s terribly sad, but Derek can’t work and has no prospect of being able to do so in the near future, so Kate thought it best to close it down.’Kate, 54, was also appointed director of the company last year following Derek’s Covid battle.Derek, 54, set up the company in 2011 after becoming a psychotherapist following his career as a political advisor.The dad-of-two spent a year in hospital with Covid, with Kate being open about how their lives have changed since.She recently released her second documentary, Caring For Derek, which gave a candid insight into the family.Kate admitted she ‘thought long and hard’ about letting cameras inside her household again, as she ‘wanted it to offer more’ than just sharing what her family has been through.The presenter ‘wanted to also shine a light on issues’ that affect others, and prayed it would ‘give hope to everyone who is battling on with whatever life has thrown at you.’She has since been celebrated by charities for raising awareness for carers, as Derek suffers long-lasting damage after contracting Covid in March 2020.The presenter is part of the gruelling care schedule for Derek, which includes her waking up every two hours each night to help the carer move him in bed.Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin oversleeps and misses
Kate Garraway - Derek Draper - Ben Shephard says Kate Garraway will 'never give up' on husband Derek in Covid recovery - - Britain
Ben Shephard says Kate Garraway will 'never give up' on husband Derek in Covid recovery
Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard has said how his colleague Kate Garraway will "never give up" on her husband Derek Draper as he battles to cope with the effects of severe Covid on his body.Derek, 54, was admitted to hospital in March 2020 and placed into a coma after being infected with Covid-19.After spending an entire year in hospital he has now returned home but is unable to properly move or communicate after suffering damage all over his body and requires round-the-clock care.Kate's close friend and fellow presenter on Good Morning Britain Ben appeared on ITV documentary Caring For Derek, which charts Derek's slow recovery and his wife's struggle caring for him.In the documentary Ben said Kate will always stand by her man despite her admitting he’s almost a "stranger" now.He said: "Derek has undoubtedly changed from the man I knew a couple of years ago, and certainly from the person that Kate fell in love with."He admitted Kate will find trying to accept what the future might look like "really difficult"."One thing everybody knows about Kate is that she hates letting anybody down," Ben said."The idea that she would think that people might think she’s given up would so far removed from who she is, what motivates her and what drives her on."I don’t think she ever will [give up]."Kate discussed her life with Derek before he fell ill in the documentary, saying she "married someone who was loud and fast-talking, challenging and loving and all of those things"."And the person he is now in many ways is a stranger," she added.She said that while he may never "command a room with a thesis on modern psychology again", she wondered if that is "the be-all and end-all".Kate said: "If we have a love and he can be a dad