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‘This is a rally cry’: Guelph mayor calls for community spirit during stay-at-home order

COVID-19 pandemic.When the coronavirus pandemic first broke out last spring, there were lawn signs supporting front-line workers, there were drive-by celebrations and residents rallied around small businesses along with those less fortunate and seniors who were shut-in. Ontario sends provincewide stay-at-home emergency alert to cell phones, devices But the mayor said he’s not seeing that same mood as he did last year, now that a third wave of the pandemic has set in and another Ontario-wide state of emergency began Thursday.“I think it’s either become just so common now and we’re not talking about, so it’s ingrained in our DNA.

But I think we need to start publicly showing it again,” Guthrie said.“This is a rally cry. I am trying my best

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Cam Guthrie

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