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Police: 15-year-old arrested in Mayfair Mall shooting that injured 8

WAUWATOSA, Wis. - Wauwatosa police said a 15-year-old was arrested in Friday's shooting at Mayfair Mall that injured 8. Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said in an update on Sunday, Nov.

22 this was an altercation between two groups, injuring four “innocent bystanders."Chief Weber said the 15-year-old is Hispanic -- and a firearm was recovered at the scene of his arrest. Weber said he didn’t release photos of the alleged shooter to preserve the investigation.The chief offered few details on the arrest, only that it took place Friday after the young man had left the mall.He said the shooter exited the mall as shoppers were running out. The chief said the process to clear the mall (all 1.2 million square feet) took several hours.Chief Weber

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