Passport application services suspended

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Due to urgent computer system maintenance, all branch offices including the Head Office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration will NOT be accepting one day and normal service passport applications today (05).Further, the Department of Immigration and Emigration noted that the other services will be limited to 12.30 pm, and they apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to the public.In addition, Dept.

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Kat Slater - Ian Beale - Peggy Mitchell - EastEnders most complained about moments - sick grooming plot, swearing and Covid row -
EastEnders most complained about moments - sick grooming plot, swearing and Covid row
EastEnders has been keeping the nation entertained since 1985.Across three decades we've grown to know and love the residents of Albert Square past and present from Ian Beale and Kat Slater to the late Peggy Mitchell and Dot Cotton.Although they provide some light-hearted entertainment, the soap also covers a range of sensitive topics from sexual abuse, bullying, eating disorders, racism and homophobia.However, not every single storyline has been well-received by viewers at home and some have even resulted in getting thousands of complaints.We're taking a look back at some of EastEnders' most complained about storylines and episodes.One of the most controversial storylines that EastEnders has ever had was in 2011.The plot saw the character Ronnie Branning swap her baby, who sadly died, for the newborn son of Kat Moon.After watching the story unfold, viewers quickly rushed to Ofcom and the soap was hit was 13,400 complaints.This was one of the show's most complained about plots across its entire history as many slammed the “distressing” scenes.People said that the scenes were an "inaccurate, insensitive and sensationalised portrayal" of cot death.However, Ofcom said the soap was not in breach of the rules when you considered the full context of the four-month storyline.In the end, the plot concluded when the baby was given back to his birth mother and Ronnie was put in prison for child abduction.An anti-vaccination row in EastEnders recently became the most complained about moment on the soap in 10 years.During an episode, which aired on March 22, viewers saw a conversation take place between Patrick Trueman, Suki Panesar and Karen Taylor.After Patrick revealed he had his second Covid vaccination, Suki replied she was due
Chinese funeral home forced to give 'disrespectful' Covid tests to dead people - - China - Britain - city Shenzhen
Chinese funeral home forced to give 'disrespectful' Covid tests to dead people
China's attempts to remove all traces of Covid from the country have now taken a strange twist.A new edict from officials has been given to funeral homes, and it demands that they test the dead for the virus which is still ravaging the country.The government-backed Shenzhen Funeral Home was given the order last week, after case numbers in the city continued to be reported.Across the entire country, new cases discovered were reported to be 6,392 yesterday (May 28), with around 64,488 active cases across the entire country.Since the pandemic began, China has had more than 1.2 million cases – but only 5,226 deaths.This hasn't stopped the Chinese government from pushing ahead with its “zero Covid” policy, which is something Labour's Richard Burgon pushed for in the UK throughout the pandemic.And now a funeral home in Shenzhen has been told to test the dead for Covid.The hope is, is that anyone who tests positive will be isolated so that mourners won't catch Covid at open-casket funerals.The edict was shown to website Sixth Tone, who said: “An operator at Shenzhen’s city service hotline said they were unable to locate official documents and policies requiring a nucleic acid test of the deceased.“Shenzhen has made negative results from the past 72 hours mandatory to access public transport and crowded spaces since early April.“Such requirements sometimes resulted in tragedies for those in urgent need of medical treatment during the lockdown in other cities.”The testing of the dead policy was slammed by some online locally as “ethically and emotionally unacceptable”, while being criticised for showing “little respect to the dead”.One user on Chinese social media site Weibo wrote: “I’m not sure if I would have to wear a mask for
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Louise Thompson shares frightening health scare on holiday after heavy bleeding sent her into ‘deep panic mode’
Chelsea star Louise Thompson has offered an insight into a ‘very scary situation’ after she started bleeding on holiday.The former reality TV star, 32, was enjoying baby son Leo-Hunter’s first trip abroad when she went into ‘deep panic mode.’Louise was holidaying with her family in Mykonos when the issue arose, relating to an existing medical condition she suffers from called ulcerative colitis (UC).The condition is an incurable autoimmune condition which causes someone’s colon to become inflamed and bleed after small ulcers develop.According to the NHS, UC affects around 146,000 people in the UK.Louise took to her Instagram story to give her fans and update, writing: ‘Radio silence yesterday because I had a very scary UC situation where I started bleeding A LOT without any muscular contractions and it sent me into deep panic mode.’She added that she finds ‘excessive bleeding pretty triggering’ after a traumatic birth of her son.‘Couldn’t get to grips with the idea of a 1 hour air ambulance to Athens if things got bad so I booked a flight to come home – but after a chat with a wonderful gastro I’ve decided to stay,’ she added.Louise then shared a second photo to show she was eating a ‘colitis friendly breakfast’ of eggs, salmon, white bread and melon.The influencer has been open about her condition in the past in a bid to raise awareness, previously explaining that her ‘goal’ is to be ‘in remission’ she she ‘doesn’t have any symptoms.’‘You have it for life and there’s no cure, but you have periods of remission and then you also have flare ups,’ she explained.‘With regards to day-to-day life, when I’m in remission I don’t have any symptoms – so that’s the goal.‘You want to manage your body so you can get to that place and
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Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t plan on slowing down as he heads to recording studio despite recent health concerns
Ozzy Osbourne is refusing to be defeated by his recent health troubles and is back in the recording studio.The notorious headbanger contracted Covid-19 earlier this month, with talk show host wife Sharon Osbourne, 69, later also testing positive after flying home to care for him.The Black Sabbath rocker, 73, also has Parkinson’s disease and continues to battle other medical issues after injuries from a 2003 quad bike accident were aggravated when he fell at home in America in 2019.However, he remains determined to keep making music and wants to get back on stage too.The Rock legend was pictured visiting Andrew Watt’s music studio in Beverly Hills this weekend, appearing frail but using a walking stick to get around.Ozzy – who has shared that he struggles to walk properly nowadays – walked alongside a friend and wore a long red coat and his signature sunglasses.The musician last released a song in January 2020 in collaboration with Sir Elton John. It was the third single from his album Under the Graveyard, with his last solo single being Straight to Hell, released in November 2019.As for performing, his band’s The End Tour concluded in February 2017 with the final two gigs being played in the band’s native Birmingham.However, he only has more to give and recently told Classic Rock magazine that he is taking his recording studio with him when he and Sharon move back to England.‘I am going to build a barn there and make my own studio at Welders.