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Parents claim their kids were sucker punched on boardwalk in North Wildwood

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NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. - Several parents claim their kids were sucker punched on the boardwalk in North Wildwood."The terror in his voice saying and I’m like this kid’s not kidding.

He screaming for me to help him and I feel completely helpless in that moment," Heather Piselli said.According to Piselli, her 17-year-old son was chosen by a group of boys at random July 4 weekend accused of seeing a girl she says he’s never met that’s when someone slugged him in the face."My son said that he looked up and he saw the crowd of kids coming at him.

So he knew at that point there was nothing he could do except run so he did. He ran towards our home, which is the direction he was headed to try to get away from this group of kids.

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