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Parents anxiously await FDA approval of vaccine for kids under 12

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PHILADELPHIA - Parents are anxiously awaiting FDA approval of the COVID vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old.

Health experts say it could come by Halloween. That’s music to the ears of Bonnie Levitt, of Newtown Square, who wants life to return to normal. "We're certainly ready to get them in line for the vaccine.

We trust the science," Levitt said.Maheem Usman feels the same way."Even though we are vaccinated, We don't do anything because they aren't," she said.Allison McDowell's daughter Maeve turns five in December and she is hoping it will be a go by then."The kids have no protection right now, We're at the most vulnerable point I feel like in this whole virus with everyone going back to school," she said.RELATED HEADLINES: Dr.

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