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Organizer of GoFundMe campaign for trucker convoy withdraws $1M, company confirms

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The organizer of a GoFundMe campaign for the trucker convoy has withdrawn an initial $1 million from the funds raised, the company confirmed Thursday.

This comes after GoFundMe was holding the funds until a clear plan about how they would be spent was presented. The convoy movement, known as the “Save Canada” movement or the “freedom convoy,” started last Sunday in British Columbia, when hundreds of truckers took to the road to protest a mandate requiring all cross-border essential workers, including truckers, to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at points of entry.

In an update, the company said the organizer has provided a plan for funds being used to cover the fuel costs of participants who are peacefully protesting.

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Doug Ford - Ottawa facing ‘real risk’ of violence as trucker convoy digs in: ex-police chief - - city Ottawa
Ottawa facing ‘real risk’ of violence as trucker convoy digs in: ex-police chief
trucker convoy digs in, setting up infrastructure and heavy machinery in what Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the Ottawa police chief are both now calling an “occupation” of the city.Tensions are only expected to rise on Saturday, with police estimates of up to 1,000 counterprotesters and thousands of additional convoy supporters making for what former Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau called a “volatile” mix.“There’s no question the dynamics around who’s involved and the different factions and different players that are in town present a real risk and potential for increased violence,” he told Global News.“I hope it ends in a peaceful resolution where nobody gets hurt. That’s everybody’s goal.”“But there are scenarios that may have to evolve where the police will have to escalate and use force to start arresting individuals and removing vehicles that are blocking the area,” Bordeleau added.“That is a scenario that presents some significant risks and consequences that people need to be able to really willingly accept.” Ottawa police vow ‘surge and contain’ response to trucker convoy ‘occupation’ All eyes are on Ottawa’s current police chief, Peter Sloly, as the demonstrations enter their ninth day.Ottawa police services board chair Diane Deans called a special meeting of the board for 4:30 p.m.
Candice Bergen - Candice Bergen calls on Liberals to extend ‘olive branch’ to trucker convoy - - Canada - city Ottawa
Candice Bergen calls on Liberals to extend ‘olive branch’ to trucker convoy
Candice Bergen says her goal as interim leader of Canada’s Official Opposition will be to strengthen the conservative movement and leave the next leader with a party that’s ready to win.The Conservative caucus elected the Manitoba MP and former deputy party leader on Wednesday to serve as interim head after a majority of MPs ousted Erin O’Toole from the top job. Conservatives elect Candice Bergen as interim party leader Bergen faces a caucus that has spent weeks divided and angry over O’Toole’s leadership since last year’s federal election loss.She also takes on the role at a time when anti-vaccine mandate protesters have jammed downtown Ottawa, honking into all hours of the night and forcing the closure of many businesses and services.Some Conservative MPs accused O’Toole of failing to take a clear stance on the protest, while Bergen has offered her full support to the group and dismissed reports of racism and harassment among the demonstrators as the actions of a small few.Bergen’s Tory colleagues greeted her with a standing ovation in the House of Commons Thursday as she made her debut as interim leader during question period, where she took aim at the Trudeau government for refusing to extend an “olive branch” to the demonstrators.“Can the prime minister please tell Canadians what role he thinks the government can play and what they can do to solve the impasse?” Bergen asked.The protesters have clogged the capital for nearly a week and say they won’t leave until vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions are abolished.
Marco Mendicino - RCMP sending additional officers to Ottawa trucker protest after city’s request - - city Ottawa
RCMP sending additional officers to Ottawa trucker protest after city’s request
anti-COVID-19 restrictions protests in Ottawa, amid calls for a more aggressive response to the demonstrations.Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said in a statement Thursday night that RCMP had approved a request from the City of Ottawa for additional resources to help the Ottawa Police Service, including an increase in officers.“This request is in addition to RCMP resources and support already in place since the arrival of the convoy in Ottawa,” Mendicino said.A RCMP spokesperson could not confirm how many officers were being deployed or when they were expected to arrive. Canadian military ‘not a police force,’ Anand says amid frustration over Ottawa protest Protests against government mandates for COVID-19 vaccines and masks, as well as restrictions on certain businesses, have plagued the streets surrounding Parliament Hill for nearly a week.Organizers of the truck convoy have vowed not to leave until policymakers meet their demands to end public health mandates tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.At least four arrests have been made so far for uttering threats, mischief and weapons charges.Ottawa police said Thursday it has issued 30 tickets related to excessive noise created by truck horns as well as various traffic offences — marking a change in tactics after earlier refusing to pursue bylaw charges.
FSIN issues statement opposing trucker convoy, cultural appropriation by Ottawa protesters - - city Ottawa - parish Cameron
FSIN issues statement opposing trucker convoy, cultural appropriation by Ottawa protesters
Canadian military ‘not a police force,’ Anand says amid frustration over Ottawa protest “The FSIN Executive strongly opposes the actions and tactics of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protestors, some of whom have been openly sharing ignorant acts of cultural appropriation of First Nations culture and spirituality, publicly and online,” read the statement.“The FSIN condemns such open acts of racism and ignorance, which are being committed across our traditional Treaty territories.”FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron shared his frustration with the convoy.“Our First Nations communities have been some of the hardest hit since the beginning of the pandemic.  We have been working tirelessly to distribute PPE and supplies to our First Nations because we are highly vulnerable to COVID-19,” said Cameron.“Our families and communities have suffered insurmountable losses because of this horrible virus and our First Nations Chiefs have implemented some of the strictest protocols in the country to keep their membership safe.” Trudeau: Ottawa residents need their ‘lives back,’ won’t commit to negotiate with truckers He went on to call the way the drums were used in the protest videos that surfaced a ‘disgrace’.“This convoy is an insult to our Chiefs, our communities, and to the hundreds of loved ones we’ve lost through this pandemic.  Not only are these protestors risking lives and spreading false information, but they’re also disrespecting our traditional drums, pipes, and medicines,” stated Cameron.“It’s a disgrace to see our culturally sacred items being used improperly, without proper protocol, in support of anti-vaccine protests.”The FSIN statement finished with a reminder about Indigenous culture.“The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations
Trucker convoy: Trudeau says protest ‘becoming illegal’ as demands for action grow - - France - city Ottawa
Trucker convoy: Trudeau says protest ‘becoming illegal’ as demands for action grow
trucker protest in the nation’s capital as officials brace for a resurgence in demonstrators in the downtown core this coming weekend.“We will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that people are protected and to ensure that this protest, which is now becoming illegal, does come to an end,” Trudeau said in French in the House of Commons on Wednesday, when asked what the federal government is doing to remove truckers from downtown Ottawa as the demonstration stretches into its sixth day. Ottawa police make 3rd arrest in day 6 of trucker protest While the RCMP and Parliamentary Protective Service have offered resources to OPS in managing the demonstration — composed of both convoy truckers and their supporters seeking an end to COVID-19 public health mandates — Trudeau said he wouldn’t personally step in to ensure the demonstration ends.“One of the important issues with a situation like this is to respect our institutions, systems and laws … politicians are not the ones who order law enforcement agencies to take any particular action,” he said.“We are here to provide resources if law enforcement agencies request them but they are the ones who are doing the work on the ground and we want to see a peaceful resolution for this conflict.”Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said Wednesday in a briefing with city council that the prospect of asking for support from the military is not off the table.‘We’re looking at every single option, including military aid to civil power.
House of Commons set to resume as trucker protest continues in Ottawa - - city Ottawa - county Canadian
House of Commons set to resume as trucker protest continues in Ottawa
protest against government-imposed COVID-19 measures enters its third full day.Many of the horn-honking demonstrators who brought Ottawa to a near standstill on the weekend showed no signs of budging as parliamentarians, businesses and school administrators were left wondering when the usual rhythm of the frazzled national capital would resume.Alexandra Maheux, a spokeswoman for government House leader Mark Holland, said the ongoing protest is not interfering with parliamentary business.“We have important work to accomplish for Canadians in Parliament, and we’re looking forward to getting this done and delivering results,” Maheux said late Sunday. ‘Several’ investigations underway after monuments defaced during Ottawa trucker rally: police She noted that MPs have the flexibility to work in a hybrid House in this sitting, which remains in effect until June, to help curb the spread of COVID-19.“Some MPs will be in the chamber on Monday and beyond, and others will participate virtually,” Maheux said.A memo circulated Sunday by Patrick McDonell, the House sergeant-at-arms, said security plans were being developed to ensure personal safety.Several criminal investigations are underway into actions – including the desecration of monuments – during the ongoing protest of vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, Ottawa police said Sunday.Residents of the capital were again told to avoid travelling to the city centre Sunday as trucks snarled numerous roads.