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Omicron less likely to lead to long COVID, study finds

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The Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant is as much as 50% less likely to cause long COVID than its predecessor Delta variant, according to a letter published yesterday in The Lancet.But the authors of the study point out that, even though the rate of Omicron long COVID appears to be lower, because so many have been infected with the newer variant, the actual number of affected people is very high.Though more easily transmitted, the Omicron variant causes less severe disease in general than Delta, numerous previous studies have shown.Long COVID 24% to 50% lower with OmicronResearchers from King's College London identified 56,003 UK adults who tested positive for COVID-19 from Dec 20, 2021, to Mar 9, 2022.

Given that more than 70% of UK cases were attributable to Omicron during that stretch, they categorized them as Omicron patients.

Likewise, 41,361 adults who tested positive from Jun 1, 2021, to Nov 27, 2021, were classified as Delta patients.Women outnumbered men in both groups, 55% for Omicron and 59% for Delta.

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