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Omicron infection increases antibodies against Delta only if…: Study on COVID reinfection

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Omicron infection can increase the level of antibodies against the Delta COVID variant, but only if you are vaccinated against the virus, a new study has revealed.

For the study, which is based out of South Africa, the researchers conducted tests on 39 individuals who had Omicron infection.

Of them, 15 were vaccinated against the virus. And following this, the antibodies against BA.1 increased 13.6-fold in vaccinated and 6-fold in the unvaccinated participants.

For Delta, neutralization also increased, i.e. 5.7-fold in vaccinated and 3-fold in unvaccinated participants. At the last time-point, unvaccinated BA.1 infected individuals had 2.2-fold lower BA.1 neutralization, 12.0-fold lower Delta neutralization, 9.6-fold lower Beta variant neutralization, 17.9-fold lower ancestral virus neutralization, and 4.8-fold lower Omicron sub-lineage BA.2 neutralization relative to vaccinated, the study said.  “These results indicate that vaccination combined with Omicron/BA.1 infection hybrid immunity should be protective against Delta and other variants," the authors added.

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