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No vaccine means no access: Tennis champ Novak Djokovic fights deportation from Australia

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World tennis champion Novak Djokovic is set to be deported from Australia, meaning he’ll likely miss competing at the Australian Open.

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Piers Morgan, 56, reacted to a photograph of Novak Djokovic surrounded by young tennis players which was shared the day after his lawyers claim he tested positive for Covid.The photograph was taken at an awards ceremony in Belgrade, Serbia, and Djokovic can be seen standing with young people who are holding tennis trophies.It is unclear when the event took place, but the photographs were shared by the Tennis Association of Serbia on December 17, as reported by Sky News.Djokovic’s lawyers say he had tested positive for Covid a day earlier.They are reportedly planning to use the test in question to validate Djokovic’s medical exemption which would enable him to enter Australia without being vaccinated.Upon hearing the news, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to jibe at the tennis champion.The journalist wrote: “‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…”The quote comes from author Sir Walter Scott’s nineteenth century poem Marmion.Piers has previously praised Australia for denying Djokovic’s entry into the country.He told his 7.9 million followers: “The #Djokovic saga is not about whether you believe in Covid vaccines, but whether you believe famous sports stars should play by the same rules as everyone else.“He has the right not to be jabbed, and Australia has the right to chuck him out for making a dodgy visa application."The 20-time Grand Slam winner is still being held in a Melbourne detention centre after his visa was cancelled upon arrival into the country.He was told he didn't meet the country's entry requirements due to his vaccine status.Djokovic has not revealed whether he has been vaccinated or not, although he has been critical of mandated vaccines in the past.Court documents released on