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Nicola Sturgeon says independence referendum will be delayed past 2023 if the pandemic holds

indyref2 by the end of 2023 if the country is still “grappling” with covid.She also insisted she would not speak to Alex Salmond after the election and criticised his refusal to blame Russia for the Salisbury poisonings in 2018.Polling suggests the SNP is on course to win an outright majority at next month’s election.A key part of an SNP fourth term would be seeking a joint agreement with the UK Government on a second referendum.She has said she wants a fresh vote on Scotland’s constitutional future to take place in the first half of the next term, which would be by the end of 2023.However, the First Minister told journalists yesterday this timetable is dependent on taming the virus: “I’ve said the starting point for me in terms of timing.

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