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News Scan for Jul 22, 2021

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Camp outbreak shows COVID-19 transmission from children to adultsChildren and teens spread COVID-19 to household adults after returning home from a sleep-away camp in June 2020, according to correspondence published in the New England Journal of Medicine yesterday.The camp outbreak led to 224 index patients ages 7 to 19 with COVID-19 in the retrospective cohort, with 88% symptomatic.

After the campers returned, 377 (72%) of 526 household contacts were tested for COVID-19, and 46 (12%) had positive results; 2 more were also considered infected because they met the criteria for clinical and epidemiologic COVID-19.For 141 of 198 symptomatic index patients (71%), symptom onset occurred after they came back from camp, and 38 (79%) of the

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