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News Releases from Department of Health | Health Director Provides Details on Move to Vaccination Phase 1c, “Breakthrough” Case of COVID-19 in Vaccinated Individual

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The Weekly Dose.Char also discusses the latest COVID-19 Weekly Cluster Report, which includes investigation into a “breakthrough” case of COVID-19 in a fully vaccinated Hawai‘i resident.“The really important thing is that being vaccinated prevents us from serious illness, hospitalization, and death.

That’s what we really need the vaccines to do for us,” Char said. “We have seen cases where people are fully vaccinated, and we have some cases in Hawai‘i now where people got vaccinated…traveled to the mainland, and we think they got ill on the mainland.

Thankfully, their symptoms were very mild, which is exactly the protection the vaccine affords, but you can get infected with COVID.”While discussing Phase 1c, which opens March 15, Char said.

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