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NASA's Mars Perseverance rover finds diversity, hints of microbial life in ancient lake bed rocks

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sounds of wind on Mars and its landing.On Thursday, mission managers provided an update on what the rover had discovered while exploring 8 miles of the Jezero Crater.

The area was likely a lake more than 3.5 billion years ago, which is why NASA landed the rover there, to search in an ancient habitable environment for evidence of life. "This mission is not looking for extant life things that are alive today," Ken Farley, Perseverance project scientist, said. "Instead, we're looking into the very distant past when Mars climate was very different than it is today, much more conducive to life."In more than 550 Sols, or Martian days, Farley said Perseverance has found that the history of the crater floor is more complicated than expected.

Based on the findings of ingenious rock formed from volcanic activity, the science team now believes before holding a lake bed, the crater had some active volcanic activity, even a lava lake.Scientists said several rock samples collected on Mars contain organic molecules associated with life.

Two rock samples, in particular, were collected from rocks the team has named Wildcat Ridge and Skinner Ridge, which have the science team excited.

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