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Michael Mosley issues health warning to anyone who breathes through their mouth

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Doctor Michael Mosley has explained how beneficial breathing through your nose is for your health compared to inhaling through your mouth.The health guru, famed for his creation of the Fast 800 and 5:2 diets, explained that inhaling and exhaling through your mouth can often come with issues, including risk of gum disease and tooth decay.Speaking on his Just On Thing podcast, the expert noted that breathing through your nose can be beneficial for your health by boosting memory and spatial awareness."Chronic mouth breathing can reduce the amount of saliva you produce, making your mouth dry and increasing the risk of things like tooth decay and inflamed gums," Michael said.

The expert also noted that recent studies have suggested that nose breathing can boost brain health.He added: "Nose breathing could also give your brain a boost.

In a recent study, 22 volunteers were given a memory test while they were in a brain scanner. "When they were breathing through their noses, they performed better and the scans revealed their brains were working more efficiently than when they were mouth breathing. "If that's not surprising enough, it can also improve your spatial awareness.

Scientists in Israel tested volunteers ability to mentally manipulate 3D shapes while measuring their brainwaves and how they breathe. "Researchers noticed that whenever the participants inhaled through their nose, brain activity related to that task increased and they perform the task more accurately."Michael noted that this could be because nose breathing boosts your levels of "nitric oxide, which in turn increase the blood flow through your lungs".He spoke to Professor John Lundberg of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, who first discovered that your

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