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Meteor shower, Mercury, total supermoon eclipse: May brings trio of celestial events

American Meteor Society, and will reach maximum activity the mornings of May 5-6."Viewing circumstances for the eta Aquariids are best for those located in the southern tropics where the source of these meteors rises highest in a dark sky.

Most observers in the northern hemisphere have only a one to two-hour window prior to dawn to view these meteors," according to the organization.FILE - A View of the Super Blood Wolf Moon on Jan.

21, 2019 in New Brighton, Wirral, England. RELATED: ‘It is an exciting time for our space program’: Harris to lead National Space CouncilConditions for viewing the shower are far better than they were in 2020, according to AMS, because a "much less bright waning crescent moon will be located 10 degrees south of.

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