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Meat Loaf blamed China for Covid in video before the Bat Out of Hell singer reportedly died of the virus aged 74

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MEAT Loaf blamed China for Covid-19 in a video recorded months before the Bat Out of Hell singer reportedly died of the virus aged 74.

The rock legend had been filming a happy birthday video for a super fan named Marty in early September when he let loose. He said: "Marty, take care … I hope you’re able to have at least your family celebrate your birthday with you. "I know COVID is a drag and we’re all suffering because of it, and you can blame China, so that’s it." The I'd Do Anything for Love singer then went on to explain his voice was croaky because he had just come back from an endoscopy - a medical procedure that involves probing the digestive tract with a camera. "I can’t really sing right now because I had anesthesia today and I had a pipe shoved down my throat — yes, an endoscopy this morning.

Ugh," he explained. The Grammy-winning performer was reportedly an outspoken opponent of vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and mask mandate.

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