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Sri Lanka gatherings reports Sri Lanka

Massive protests erupt as people converge near President’s House in Sri Lanka

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COLOMBO (News 1st) ; People have gathered to stage a protest near the President’s residence in Pengiriwatte road in Mirihana today (31).Police were seen on premises attempting to curb the situation, and the people have initiated the protest against the rising cost of living, gas shortage and the fuel shortage, in addition to the electricity crisis.Many were seen holding boards and participating in the protest.Heavy traffic in the area has been reported due to the protest, while Police have set up obstacles.People were seen jeering at the scene demanding for immediate solutions for the issues.  .

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Imposing Social Media Ban a violation of Human Rights – SL Human Rights Chief - - Sri Lanka
Imposing Social Media Ban a violation of Human Rights – SL Human Rights Chief
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission has noted that imposing a social media ban is a violation of Human Rights.The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has stressed that imposing Public Emergency without proper assessment of a threat to national security, is a violation of Human Rights.Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka retired Supreme Court Judge Rohini Marasinghe told News 1st that this decision was reached at a special meeting held on Sunday (4).The HRCSL Chairperson also said that it is unjust and unfair for the TRC to impose a Blanket Closure of social media upon being requested to do so by the Ministry of Defence.The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka views such actions as a violation of Human Rights.The Human Rights Commission noted that it would inform the TRC to immediately lift the ban on social media.It added that if a person is attempting to mislead the public via social media, the law needs to be enforced against the said individual and that banning social media used by the community at large is a violation of human rights.In addition, the Human Rights Commission has condemned the attacks on journalists during a protest in Mirihana, Nugeogda on the 31st of March.Chairperson of the HRCSL said the Inspector General of Police will be summoned to the Commission for an explanation on Tuesday (5).Further, the HRCSL is also looking into an attack on protestors by a Senior Cop at a protest in Anuradhapura.That senior police officer too will be summoned to the HRCSL on Tuesday (5) for an explanation.
Public Emergency & Curfew imposed for Public Security – Govt Info Dept - - Sri Lanka
Public Emergency & Curfew imposed for Public Security – Govt Info Dept
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Government states that the Public Emergency & the Curfew were declared to ensure that the peace, normal way of life, as well as public & property, is protected.A statement from the Department of Government Information noted that the Sri Lankan Government is bound to protect public peace, as well as public and private property, whilst ensuring the right to speech, expression, and protest peacefully.It added that the government had pledged to protect and promote all democratic rights including the Right to Freedom of Expression, Speech, and Protest Peacefully.It went on to note that after the incumbent President was elected to power, water cannons, tear gas, and baton charges were not enforced on any peaceful protest or demonstration.It added that on some occasions the representatives of protestors were allowed to enter the President’s Office for talks and solutions were provided to the issues.The Department of Government Information said that on the 31st of March 2022, a group acted in an unruly manner during a protest and cause serious damage to public and private property, while some were also injured.It stressed that Public Emergency and Curfew were imposed in accordance with the accepted legal provisions, and to protect the lives of the people, public peace, as well as public and private property.
Tear Gas & Water Cannons to disperse student protest in Peradeniya - - Sri Lanka
Tear Gas & Water Cannons to disperse student protest in Peradeniya
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan authorities used tear gas and water cannons during a protest on Sunday (3) morning by students attached to the University of Peradeniya.The University students were protesting against the present state of affairs in the country and were demanding solutions to the issues faced by fellow students.The protest march by the university students was scheduled to commence from the University of Peradeniya premises and proceed towards Kandy town.However, Sri Lanka Police had installed barricades at the Galaha Junction not far from the university, and a heavy police presence was also witnessed in the area along with the water cannons.Police Special Task Force personnel were also called in for security.University Students accompanied by their lecturers proceeded towards the Galaha Junction, and tensions boiled over when they attempted to remove the barricades set up by the police.Scuffles were also reported during the attempt made by the students to move forward.The protest was organized by the main student body of the University of Peradeniya, and staff from the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital also supported it.Sri Lanka Police and Riot Police decided to use water cannons to disperse the crowd and thereafter fired tear gas.Following the tense situation, the protesting university students decided to sit down on the road as a mark of protest.Once again a tense situation arose, and police fired tear gas at the students for the second time.Despite not being allowed to move ahead to the Kandy town, the university students and their support groups protested at Galaha Town until 3 PM.
Ajith Rohana - Mirihana Protestors will not be charged under PTA – Police - - Sri Lanka
Mirihana Protestors will not be charged under PTA – Police
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka Police said that those arrested during Mirihana Protest will be prosecuted under the Penal Code and Public Property Act, and NOT under the PTA.Senior DIG & Senior Police Spokesperson Ajith Rohana speaking to reporters at the Department of Government Information on the Mirihana Protests said that Sri Lanka Police did not use any force on the peaceful protest that commenced at 6 PM until around 10:30 PM when certain groups started acting in a violent manner.“Sri Lanka Police ensured the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” he said adding that by around 10:30 a group resorted to violent conduct and obstructed traffic, and thereafter caused damage to the tune of Rs. 39 Million.The Senior Police Officer said the Sri Lanka Police used force as per the provisions of the law, where at first a warning was given, and when the protestors did not comply water cannons were used, and thereafter tear gas was used, and eventually Sri Lanka Police had to use force to control the situation.Commenting on the damages caused to Sri Lanka Police he said three buses were damaged, 1 Police Bus was set on fire, 1 Sri Lanka Army Bus was badly damaged, 1 Police bike was destroyed, 1 Police jeep was also destroyed.He went on to note that 2 Police Special Task Force buses and a water cannot truck were also damaged.The Senior Cop also went on to note that 53 people were arrested for their involvement in the Mirihana Protest.The Senior Police Spokesperson added that 24 Police Officers including an ASP were injured during the Mirihana Protest, and 18 among them were members of the Police Special Task Force.
Gotabaya Rajapaksa - Prasanna Ranatunga - Those who incited violence during Mirihana Protests are political extremists – Govt Min. - - Sri Lanka
Those who incited violence during Mirihana Protests are political extremists – Govt Min.
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan Government Ministers have referred to those who incited violence during the Mirihana Protests as political extremists and not religious extremists.Ministers Prasanna Ranatunga, Dilum Amunugama, and Keheliya Rambukwella spoke to the media on Friday (1) to respond to concerns over the public protest that was held opposite the Mirihana residence of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Thursday (31).The President’s Media Division announced on Friday (1) that an organized group of extremists were among those who were protesting at Jubilee Post, Nugegoda.The statement noted that the group acted in an unruly manner, and noted that this group armed with iron clubs, machetes, and sticks, had provoked the protesters and marched towards the President’s residence in Pengiriwatte, Mirihana.The President’s Media Division in a statement noted that most of those who acted in a violent manner were arrested, and it was identified that a majority of them were an organized group of extremists.They have spearheaded the campaign calling for an Arab Spring in Sri Lanka, it added.The President’s Media Division also said that those who were arrested revealed that this unruly situation was created with the intention of enraging the public via planned anonymous social media gatherings.Referring to the word ‘Extremist’, Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said that the Government had not referred to religious extremists.Sri Lankan Health Minister of Health Keheliya Rambukwella also echoed the same clarification noting that the Government referred to political extremists and not religious extremists.However, Minister of Transport Dilum Amunugama also said that the word “Extremist’ may have been wrongly used and said, instead, that
Gotabaya Rajapaksa - Sri Lanka : Police Curfew in Colombo lifted after a night of protests - - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka : Police Curfew in Colombo lifted after a night of protests
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka lifted a police curfew imposed on multiple police sectors in the Capital City of Colombo at 5 AM on Friday (1)Authorities were compelled to impose a curfew after tensions were witnessed on Thursday (31) night during protests against a mismanaged economy and rising cost of living.Scuffles broke out between protestors and security forces on Thursday (31) night when a peaceful protest proceeded towards Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s residence on the outskirts of the city, in Mirihana.Heavy police presence was witnessed in the area at first, and thereafter the Riot Police, Police Special Task Force, Sri Lanka Army, and Sri Lanka Navy personnel were called in to control the situation and prevent the protestors from proceeding towards the President’s house.It is still unclear if the President was at home at the time of the protest.The people involved in the protest were from all corners of Colombo, and expressed anger over the government’s handling of the economy.The country has been plagued by a shortage of reserves that led to a shortage of essentials such as Kerosene, Diesel, Petrol, Gas, and even medicines.While the protest was taking place the supply of electricity for the entire Mirihana area was shut down, the first time since the power cuts came into effect, as Sri Lanka also struggles to import fuel to keep its power plant running.Further, internet connectivity in some areas also was disrupted, for reasons unknown.Another protest took place in Kelaniya as the road between Kelaniya and Dalugama was obstructed by protestors who burn tires and chanted slogans for the government to resign over their mishandling of the country’s economy.