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Mark Rylance says he took garlic solution instead of COVID vaccine

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Mark Rylance has said that he took a “garlic solution” instead of the COVID-19 vaccine during the pandemic.Rylance told The Sunday Times: “I was not convinced I needed it.

I took a very distilled garlic solution every morning, and vitamin C, and I sailed through [Jez Butterworth’s] Jerusalem [play].”He also spoke about the response to the coronavirus, saying: “Science started to sound like a religion.

And really science is no different than religion, just an attempt by men to describe reality.”He said that eventually had the vaccine so he could travel to see his father in America.Last year, Rylance admitted he wouldn’t be attending the Oscars because he found the ceremony “really boring”, and later shared his thoughts on awards season to explain why he sat the awards out.“I don’t think awards are a serious marker of what the greatest or most inspiring things are, but it’s nice to be celebrated,” he told Radio Times, as per the Independent.Rylance declined his invitation to the Oscars, at which Adam McKay’s film Don’t Look Up – in which he stars as tech mogul Peter Isherwell – was nominated for four awards.“I won’t be going this year.

To be honest, they’re actually really boring,” Mark Rylance said.The actor had previously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2016, for his work in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies.In a four-star review of Don’t Look Up, NME wrote: “McKay’s political satire isn’t always subtle – one scene shows Streep’s leader whipping up a rally in a MAGA-style baseball cap – but it does feel horribly convincing.“Though Don’t Look Up loses some momentum towards the end of its 138-minute runtime, it still succeeds as both a raucous comedy and a grim cautionary tale.”.

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