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Maritime women encourage gratitude journaling to help cope with pandemic stress

Paramount Fine Foods CEO delivers ‘meals of gratitude’ to health-care heroes in London, Ont. Every morning without fail, Shelley Butler of Riverview, N.B., said that she wakes up reminding herself what she is grateful for and then jots it down in her journal,“People say to me, ‘What do you write?

I don’t know what to write.’ So, I start my day with, ‘It is beautiful, it is sunny, maybe it is raining,’ and I put the date down,” Butler said.Keeping a gratitude journal amid the pandemic has helped her maintain a positive mindset, Butler said.“What a journal can give for you is a release of that negative bias where we focus on all the bad things that happened that week and it can give you clarity on all the golden nuggets that actually happen.

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