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Manitoba reports 11 new COVID-19 deaths, all provincial testing sites to close

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COVID-19 have died as hospitals admitted 111 new patients with the virus last week.The latest COVID-19 data comes both from a COVID-19 bulletin emailed to media and a weekly COVID-19 update from the province, posted online Thursday mornings which cover the previous week.

Removal of Manitoba COVID-19 data portal alarms epidemiologist Thursday’s online report includes data from March 20-26.While the online data shows eight people died during the week covered by the report, the bulletin,  which the province says will be the last scheduled bulletin from health officials, listed three further deaths.The latest victims of the virus include five women and six men aged between 50 and 80 plus.Six of the deaths come from the Winnipeg Health region, two were reported in the Prairie Mountain Health region, and one each were reported from the Northern, Southern, and Interlake-Eastern Health regions.

More transmissible BA.2 subvariant on the rise in Manitoba, experts say Since March 2020, there have been 1,744 Manitoban deaths linked to the virus, according to the online report.Manitoba previously posted daily updates on various online dashboards that included information on how many people had tested positive for COVID-19, how many people were in hospital and ICU as a result of the virus, and how many people had died.There were also dashboards that gave daily updates on vaccination efforts, outbreaks, and information about cases at schools.The province announced plans to scrap that reporting last week.

All the daily dashboards have since been taken down. The weekly online epidemiology reports will now be the only way Mantiobans can access COVID-19 data.

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