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Manitoba crash: Dauphin ‘forever’ impacted by tragic event

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Justin Trudeau - Anita Anand - Canadian Armed - Wayne Eyre - Search efforts end after deadly RCAF helicopter crash near Ottawa - - Canada - county Ontario - city Ottawa
Search efforts end after deadly RCAF helicopter crash near Ottawa
Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter has ended and the two members are confirmed by the military to have died in a crash early Tuesday near Ottawa.The Department of National Defence confirmed the deaths in a statement Wednesday.“The two missing air crew members from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CH-147F Chinook that crashed in the Ottawa River in the early hours of Tuesday June 20, were found last evening,” the department said.“Tragically, neither member survived.”The names of the deceased individuals are not being released at the request of their families.The four-member crew was on a training mission when the Chinook helicopter they were in crashed into the Ottawa River near Garrison Petawawa, Ont.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first to confirm any deaths from the crash Tuesday afternoon, but did not did not specify which members or how many had been killed.“This incident is a painful reminder that members of the Canadian Armed Forces undertake great risks to defend Canada, whether in combat or in training,” said Defence Minister Anita Anand in a press conference Wednesday morning.She said both of the members injured in the crash were treated for minor injuries, and have since been released.A team of more than 110 Canadian Armed Forces members on the shore and water, an Ontario Provincial Police marine and dive unit, and local fire departments were involved in the search mission Tuesday.Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre said the incident was a reminder that military service can be “dangerous work.”“Our people know the risks, and they take them willingly,” Eyre said.
Las Vegas police install cameras on home that reported 'aliens': Family 'afraid for their safety' - - Usa - city Las Vegas
Las Vegas police install cameras on home that reported 'aliens': Family 'afraid for their safety'
A Las Vegas family reported a crashed UFO and told police they had seen eight- to 10-foot creatures that were '100 percent not human' Las Vegas police are watching the home that reported a "tall, skinny alien creature with greenish color" that was about eight to 10 feet tall in their background last month. Police bodycams from officers in the area caught a glowing, green light streak across the sky from the top right corner until it disappeared in the distance. A family called 911 and claimed it was a UFO that had crashed in their backyard during the overnight hours between April 30 and May 1, and they told the emergency dispatcher that they came face to face with "aliens."Since then, Las Vegas police installed cameras on top of their home because the family is "afraid for their safety," police said in an emailed statement to Fox News Digital.‘CRASHED LAS VEGAS UFO’ WITNESS ‘TERRIFIED BY 8-FOOT CREATES IN HIS BACKYARD: ’100% NOT HUMAN'"After the initial contact with LVMPD, the family at the residence reported they heard noises in their yard and were afraid for their safety," Las Vegas police said. "We offered to put cameras up to help ease their concerns of someone coming to harass or harm them."A glowing green light was captured on a Las Vegas police officer's bodycam at 11:50 p.m.
Joe Biden - Biden to tour I-95 collapse before Philly rally with unions; first big 2024 campaign event - - Usa
Biden to tour I-95 collapse before Philly rally with unions; first big 2024 campaign event
PHILADELPHIA - President Joe Biden will tout his pro-labor bona fides on Saturday at his first major political rally since he formalized his reelection campaign, appearing alongside union members to make his case that his economic agenda is boosting the middle class.His campaign says Biden, who will appear at the Philadelphia Convention Center, will "lay out the core principles of his economic message" in his remarks. Biden also plans to talk about how a sweeping climate, tax and health care package he signed into law last year has cut the cost of prescription drugs and lowered insurance premiums, as his administration focuses on his achievements his first two years the centerpiece argument for his reelection.Prior to the campaign event, Biden is set to take an aerial tour of Interstate 95 after portions of the critical roadway collapsed a week ago, leaving resident and commuters in travel turmoil as crews work around the clock to reconstruct the now-demolished overpass.The president is expected to receive a briefing on emergency repair and reconstruction efforts before making remarks at Philadelphia International Airport.RELATED COVERAGE: I-95 collapse: Live camera shows real-time progress of interstate reconstructionSeveral of the nation's most powerful unions — including the AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — officially endorsed Biden's campaign ahead of the event.
Relatives fight for custody of siblings who survived Colombian plane crash - - Colombia - city Bogota, Colombia
Relatives fight for custody of siblings who survived Colombian plane crash
Indigenous Manuel Ranoque (C), father of the four Indigenous children who were found alive after being lost for 40 days in the Colombian Amazon rainforest following a plane crash, arrives at the Military Hospital, where the children were hospitalized BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - A custody battle has broken out among relatives of four Indigenous children who survived a plane crash and 40 harrowing days alone in the Amazon rainforest in an extraordinary showing of youthful resilience that captivated people around the world.The siblings, ranging in age from 1 to 13, remained hospitalized Monday and were expected to stay there for several more days, a period that Colombia's child protection agency is using to interview family members to determine who should care for them after their mother died in the May 1 crash.Astrid Cáceres, head of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, said in an interview with BLU radio that a caseworker was assigned to the children at the request of their maternal grandparents, who are vying for custody with the father of the two youngest.RELATED: Oldest sibling of Colombian plane crash survivors said mother lived for days"We are going to talk, investigate, learn a little about the situation," Cáceres said, adding that the agency has not ruled out that they and their mother may have experienced domestic abuse.Colombian Military Forces pose for a photo as they found four children who survived 40 days in the Amazon jungle after their plane crashed, in the department of Caqueta on June 9, 2023.(Photo by Colombian Military Forces / Handout/Anadolu Agency via "The most important thing at this moment is the children’s health, which is not only physical but also emotional, the way we accompany them
I-95 collapse to send ripple effect through East Coast: ‘This is not just a commuter challenge’ - - state Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, state Pennsylvania
I-95 collapse to send ripple effect through East Coast: ‘This is not just a commuter challenge’
an elevated section collapsed over the weekend following damage caused by a tanker truck crash. LiveNOW from FOX spoke with Mark Fusetti, a retired police sergeant, who happened to be driving on the fiery section of I-95 Sunday morning moments before the collapse. Fusetti saw dark, black smoke begin to consume the roadway ahead of him and assumed it was coming from a car fire down below. "I did see an opening (in the smoke) where I could drive through and look safely, which I did. And as I drove through, you felt this major bump on the road," he described.He shared video with LiveNOW from the scene, where Fusetti’s vehicle can be seen going through a clearing in the smoke. "After I go through, I look in my rearview mirror and I see that's where all the cars stopped and that’s where I'm told, unofficially, where the highway collapsed right after."Fusetti said that area of I-95 was already under construction, so he didn’t think much when going over the big bump, but that he was in disbelief when he heard what had happened. "Is this normal?"RELATED: Philadelphia I-95 collapse: What you need to know about the damaged highwayIn this handout photo provided by the City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management, smoke rises from a collapsed section of the I-95 highway on June 11, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Steve Keeley - Bob Kelly - Was I-95 collapse preventable? Engineering expert explains how the disaster happened - - city Philadelphia
Was I-95 collapse preventable? Engineering expert explains how the disaster happened
PHILADELPHIA - Plumes of jet black smoke and raging flames fill the skies as large concrete slabs of concrete come crumbling down.That was the scene on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia Sunday morning as an overpass of the critical roadway collapsed after a tanker fire erupted just feet below.The devastating collapse has caused major concerns for commuters and residents, leaving several questions unanswered: how did it happen; was it preventable; can the bridge be re-built?RELATED COVERAGE: Commuter Alert: Alternate routes, SEPTA changes mapped out to avoid collapse on I-95 in PhiladelphiaAmir Yaghoob Farnam, an engineering professor at Drexel University, stopped by Good Philadelphia Monday to break crown the collapse, and answer some of those questions.The engineering expert says after analyzing photos and videos, the collapse was likely  the result of two things that just don't mix well - heat and steel.Farnam says the I-95 overpass was constructed with concrete reinforced by girders made of steel, which is very susceptible to heat."Because of extreme heat, steel can lose 40 to 50 percent of its strength," he explained.A tanker truck fire caused an overpass on I-95 to collapse on Sunday morning. FOX 29's Steve Keeley and Bob Kelly discuss the collapse and its impact on traffic in the area.Heat from the tanker fire below made it impossible for the bridge to carry its load, according to Farnam, who says this incident reminds him of the World Trade Center collapse."It was also a heat problem," he said.