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Madonna Gives Health Update Following Hospitalization, Cancels North American Tour Dates

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Madonna is speaking out after her recent hospitalization.«Thank you for your positive energy, Prayers and words of healing and encouragement,» Madge shared in an Instagram update on Monday. «I have felt your love.» The 64-year-old artist continued, «I'm on the road to recovery and incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life.»The «Like a Prayer» singer is recovering after she spent several days in the ICU due to a bacterial infection.

She was released from the hospital on June 29 and at the time, ET learned Madonna was discharged and home resting, taking it easy per the doctor's orders.

In her post on Monday, Madonna also shared a selfie in which she gazes directly into the camera. «My first thought when I woke up in the hospital was my children,» Madonna shared in her statement. «My second thought was that I did not want to disappoint anyone who bought tickets for my tour.

I also didn't want to let down the people who worked tirelessly with me over the last few months to create my show. I hate to disappoint anyone.» Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, previously shared the news of her health scare and that the start of her  had been postponed until further notice. «We will share more details with you soon as we have them,» Oseary said at the time, «including a new start date for the tour and for rescheduled shows.»Madonna said on Monday that «my focus now is my health and getting stronger,» but added that her team is working to reschedule the North American leg of her tour. «I couldn't be more grateful for your care and support,» she concluded the message to her fans.

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