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Long Covid sufferer had nearly 'every symptom in the book - and there are over 100'


A woman who was diagnosed with Covid-19 months ago said she has had almost all 100 symptoms of its long-term effects, from being unable to put words together in a sentence to hallucinating Georgia Walby, 53 and from Llantrisant, Wales, used to work 52-hour weeks as a neurolinguistic programming trainer and a volunteer.

But now she can barely leave the house because of how weakened she is. She described to the WalesOnline the terrifying feeling of not being able to formulate a sentence as she called for Long Covid - the term used to describe the long-term effects of the disease - to be recognised as a medical condition so people can have the right support. “I’ve had nearly every symptom in the book, and there’s a list of over 100 - from

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