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Donors making a difference: the power of solidarity

The commitment of WHO donors is fuelling the fight against COVID-19 all over the world.

Palestine has just received its largest COVAX vaccine shipment, and migrant workers in Thailand are getting their doses. Six genomic sequencing machines have arrived in the Islamic Republic of Iran to detect virus variants, Venezuela is unpacking a new shipment of vaccines, and amid a civil war, vaccination centres are still operating in Yemen.

Much of WHO’s initial response to COVID-19 was made possible by contributions to the Solidarity Response Fund. The Fund, created in March 2020, has been the only way for individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations around the world to directly support the work of WHO to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. An independent evaluation of the Fund recently concluded that it has been highly relevant, effective and efficient.

“People, companies and organizations around the world stepped up in such an urgent way, motivated by solidarity and common cause,” said United Nations Foundation President and CEO Elizabeth Cousens. “The Fund’s resources went where WHO needed them most, when WHO needed them most – saving countless lives. Everyone who contributed to the Fund should feel enormous pride in that impact.”

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Palestine receives its largest COVAX shipment

The shipment of some 453 600 doses of the Moderna vaccine is destined for the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Germany and Italy funded the COVAX consignment, which is one in a series intending to cover 20% of the population, about 1 million people. 

Vaccination outreach serves migrant workers in Thailand

WHO and partners came to the aid of about 100 migrant workers from Cambodia, Myanmar and Viet Nam after the

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