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Darrell Brooks trial: Jurors view red SUV

WAUKESHA, Wis. - Prosecutors called more witnesses Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the Darrell Brooks trial, charged in the November 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade attack. Mid-afternoon, the jury was taken out of the courtroom to view the red SUV.

Video was provided later of that viewing. The state called nine witnesses Wednesday, and most of the testimony focused on the red SUV. Judge Jennifer Dorow started the day by informing the court that two jurors tested positive for COVID-19.The first was excused on Monday. Dorow said she was notified about a second juror with the same health concern Wednesday. Before polling each juror about health concerns, Dorow said the court had a new HVAC system with air purifiers and UV light system. Also, extra sanitation and masks were being provided, the judge said.A second juror raised COVID-19 concerns during the Darrell Brooks trial.

It was addressed by the judge on Wednesday, Oct. 19.When polled, none of the remaining jurors indicated any concerns related to COVID-19. The judge offered plexiglass panels be installed if jurors felt it was necessary.

The jurors did not indicate that was necessary. After the jury was excused from the courtroom, Brooks presented concerns about the jury, suggesting that each juror be tested for COVID-19. Judge Dorow said she would not mandate testing. She said she would also not mandate masks, noting none of the jurors were wearing them. The judge told Brooks he had not been exposed, in her opinion, due to his distance from the jury.Brooks asked the judge whether "it would be smart in the long run" to ensure the jury had not been compromised.

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Mail ballot fight persists in key states, sure to slow count
PITTSBURGH, UNITED STATES - 2020/11/02: An official election ballot of Pennsylvania of 2020 featuring Biden / Harris, Trump / Pence and Jorgensen / Cohen ahead of the presidential elections.2020 elections are close and will involve voting via absente HARRISBURG, Pa. - Former President Donald Trump and his allies seized on the drawn-out vote processing and counting in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election to fuel his false claims that fraud cost him victory in the battleground state — and election officials worry that a replay could be on the horizon in November's crucial Senate and governor's races.And it's not just Pennsylvania. Michigan and Wisconsin are other crucial swing states that allow no-excuse mail-in ballots but give local election offices no time before Election Day to process them.Election workers' inability to do that work ahead of time means many of the mailed ballots may not get counted on Election Day, delaying results in tight races and leaving a gaping hole for misinformation and lies to flood the public space."That time between the polls closing on election night and the last vote being counted is really being exploited by people who want to undermine confidence in the process," said Al Schmidt, a Philadelphia election commissioner during the 2020 presidential election who is now president and CEO of the good-government group Committee of Seventy.The first step in processing mailed ballots, or pre-canvassing, is a routine but crucial administrative task that allows election workers to verify voters’ signatures and addresses, or spot problems that could be fixed by voters.