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COVID ebbs in some East Coast hot spots, rises elsewhere

Cases are declining in a few big cities in the eastern United States that felt the earliest impact from the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant, but surges are still building in other regions of the country, pushing some hospitals and workplaces to the brink.

Meanwhile in Europe, the pace of COVID-19 activity is still picking up in several countries, with the United Kingdom today describing a clearer picture of hospitalizations in young kids.

US trends reflect mixed picture

Cases are starting to fall in Cleveland; Newark, New Jersey; and Washington, DC, according to a New York Times analysis. Relatively rapid Omicron declines were seen internationally in locations hit early by the virus, including South Africa and now the United Kingdom.

New York, for example, reported about 60,000 cases yesterday, down sharply from levels that topped 80,000 cases a day just 2 weeks ago, according to state officials.

However, experts have said there is much uncertainty about how the situation will play out in the United States, given the high numbers of people who are unvaccinated or haven't received all of their recommended doses.

There are also early signs that COVID-19 activity may be leveling off or falling in Chicago, New York, Puerto Rico, and in some Colorado ski resort towns, according to the Times.

Meanwhile, worsening COVID-19 surges in other states are putting severe pressure on health systems. Health and Human Services (HHS) data show that 19 states have less than 15% capacity left in their intensive care unit (ICU) beds. Four states—Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, and New Hampshire—are down to 10%.

Robust case rises in many places continue to fuel worker shortages and are impacting schools. Pharmacy chains, including CVS and Walgreens, are

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