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Ohio softball coach pleads guilty after sleeping with student, begged student not to tell

Former Ohio teacher's assistant Ashley Rison pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct with a student this week (Butler County Sheriff's Office) A former Ohio high school teacher’s assistant and softball coach has pleaded guilty to charges related to a sexual relationship with a student she reportedly begged the student not to tell authorities about.Ashley Rison, 31, an employee at New Miami High School, is facing five years in jail after pleading guilty Wednesday to sexual battery and gross sexual imposition in response to allegations she had sex with a 17-year-old student, WXIX-TV reported.Rison’s indictment states that she engaged in sexual conduct with the minor eight different times in April 2021. "In addition to what the child tells us, we do have recordings between Ms. Rison and the child of where Ms.

Rison makes multiple incriminating statements in asking, begging the child not to report her to the authorities," Butler County, Ohio Assistant Prosecutor Lindsay Sheehan previously said in court.OHIO INCEL WANTED TO KILL WOMEN HE HAD BEEN 'DEPRIVED' OF AND FANTASIZED ABOUT 'HAVING': MANIFESTOThe alleged crimes were reported to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office on May 3, 2021, and Rison quit her job at the school on that same day. Prosecutors say that Rison is not being charged with "rape by force," and it is believed that she engaged in criminal activity with only one victim. COSTUMED OHIO SEX OFFENDER PLEADS GUILTY TO PLANTING BOMB AT ROMANTIC RIVAL'S MARYLAND HOMERison began working in the district in August 2015 and was a coach on the girls' softball and basketball teams, WXIX-TV reported.Rison is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 16 and might be required to register as a sex offender.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS

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US government agency says 'no link' between dead whales and wind farm development - - New York - Usa - state New York - county Island - state Virginia - state Maryland - state Maine - state Rhode Island - county Long - county Gulf
US government agency says 'no link' between dead whales and wind farm development
dead whales washing ashore to wind farm development.This winter, 16 whales have washed up dead along the Atlantic coast in places like Assateague Island in Maryland, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Long Island, New York.The standings are part of what the National Marine Fisheries Service, or NMFS, call the Humpback Whale Unusual Mortality Event, which started in 2016.The Marine Mammal Commission said in a statement posted to its website on Tuesday that 40% of the whales were examined at necropsy and showed evidence that a ship struck them, or they got entangled in fishing gear.The commission also said these strandings are nothing new, and they are not isolated to the Atlantic coast.According to the commissioner, at least 10 humpback whales have stranded each year during the UME, though in 2017 the highest number of 34 were recorded stranded.What scientists have found is the number of humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine is increasing, and the younger whales are moving to the Atlantic coast, where they are vulnerable to being struck by ships.Many people, though, say wind farm development is the cause of the whale strandings.READ MORE: Dead whale found on beach at Assateague Island National SeashoreWind farm development and research is taking place up and down the Atlantic coast, in places like Block Island, Rhode Island; Montauk, New York; off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, and nearly 20 miles offshore Virginia Beach, Virginia.Agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, and U.S.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns of spotted lanternfly pest nears border - - China - Usa - state New York - Canada - county Buffalo - state Pennsylvania - state New Jersey - state Delaware - state North Carolina - state Maryland - state Indiana - state Rhode Island
Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns of spotted lanternfly pest nears border
Canadian Food Inspection Agency is asking Canadians to keep an eye out for an invasive bug that could spell disaster for the country’s wineries and fruit growers.The spotted lanternfly is a pest native to China that has been making inroads in the United States since 2014.Thus far, the small grey-and-red insect with spotted wings has not been found alive in Canada. Avian flu outbreaks confirmed on B.C., Alberta farms after brief pause in cases But in early September, hundreds of adults were found in a residential area in Buffalo, N.Y., just 45 km away from the Canadian border.The reports set off alarms at the CFIA, which in a tweet last week asked Canadians to report any sightings of the pest on this side of the border “immediately.”The insect feeds on sap, mainly from fruit trees, and can cause serious harm to orchards and vineyards.“We’re becoming more and more concerned about the proximity to Canada, and particularly our grape-growing industries, because this is a pest that has had significant impacts on the grape and fruit industry in the United States,” said Diana Mooij, a specialist in the invasive alien species program within the CFIA.The first North American sighting of the pest was in Pennsylvania in 2014, and since then, a tracking program monitored by Cornell University has documented the pest in 14 U.S.