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Infant born with cancer undergoes chemotherapy, amputation before 1st birthday

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - If there’s any comfort for Grace Adkins, it’s that her infant son won’t remember the medical hardships he endured before his first birthday. Her 10-month-old son Luke was born with congenital spindle cell rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that affects the tissue. Luke’s cancer is currently in remission. Grace said she didn’t expect anything when her son was born on December 9, 2021. RELATED: Genetically modified herpes virus shows promise in killing advanced cancer, study says"My pregnancy was perfect," she told FOX Television Stations.

"We didn’t know anything was going on while I was carrying him."But Grace said when her only child was born, his left arm was swollen."It was almost black. It looked really bad," she continued. Grace said she was told her son may have broken his arm during the birth canal which isn’t under heard of, she said. Luke Adkins (Grace Adkins)But after x-rays and other tests, Luke was transferred to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, then to Children’s of Alabama Hospital.

He was then diagnosed with cancer just days after being born. "I never thought that I needed to worry about my baby being born with cancer," Grace said. "I didn’t know that that happened.

That’s just not something you think about."RELATED: Ryan Reynolds films colonoscopy to raise cancer awareness; doctors find polyp"We were just numb," she continued. Grace said she was reassured by doctors that she did nothing wrong during her pregnancy. Grace said she even resorted to genetic testing, and all of Luke’s genetic markings came back negative. "He can do anything.

He will be able to do anything. We will never treat him like he can’t, and he’ll be fine," Grace Adkins said. Doctors proposed that Luke have his

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The best, worst states in America for early education in 2022: report - - New York - state West Virginia - state California - state Nevada - city Washington, area District Of Columbia - area District Of Columbia - state New Jersey - state Vermont - Washington, area District Of Columbia - state Maryland - state Oregon - state Arkansas - state Alaska - city Indianapolis, state Indiana - state Indiana - state Iowa - state New Hampshire - state Hawaii - state Montana - state Oklahoma - state Wyoming - state Alabama - state Nebraska - state Rhode Island - city Little Rock, state Arkansas - state South Dakota - state Idaho
The best, worst states in America for early education in 2022: report
early childhood education, the quality of early education, resources and economic support.PARENTS AND TEACHERS SEEK OUT RETAILER BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALES AMID HIGH INFLATIONWalletHub also ranked states based on specific metrics within those categories. For example, Washington, D.C. was found to have the highest share of 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled in pre-K, pre-K special education and Head Start, while Nevada had the lowest share.THE MOST EDUCATED METRO AREAS IN AMERICA IN 2022: REPORTThree states – New Jersey, Hawaii and Oregon – plus Washington, D.C., tied for the highest total reported spending per child enrolled in preschool. Six states – New Hampshire, Wyoming, South Dakota, Indiana, Idaho and Montana – tied for the lowest total reported spending per child enrolled in preschool, according to the report. DESPITE HIGH INFLATION, BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPENDING PROJECTED TO HIT $37BWalletHub also found that six states, including New York, Alaska, Oklahoma, California, Oregon and Iowa, tied for the state with the highest monthly child care co-payment fees as a percentage of family income, while Hawaii was found to have the lowest. To see the overall list, here are the states – including Washington, D.C. – with the best and worst early education systems in 2022, according to WalletHub. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREFILE - Skyline of Little Rock with Arkansas River, Arkansas.