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Trudeau says no political interference in Nova Scotia shooting probe: ‘Absolutely not’

Justin Trudeau says his office did not interfere in the investigation into the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting.Earlier this week, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and the former public safety minister pushed back on suggestions they interfered in the probe into Canada’s worst mass shooting in order to push gun control measures.“Absolutely not. We did not put any undue influence or pressure.

It is extremely important to highlight that is only the RCMP, it is only police that determine what and when to release information,” Trudeau told reporters in Rwanda on Thursday, where is he partaking in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.“The commissioner’s statement, the minister’s statement were very clear on that, and yes I still very much have confidence in Commissioner Lucki.” RCMP, Liberals deny they interfered in Nova Scotia shooting probe to advance gun laws A report released Tuesday by the inquiry into the massacre revealed notes from a meeting among senior RCMP leadership 10 days after the shooting, in which Lucki said she had promised then-public safety minister Bill Blair and the Prime Minister’s Office that police would release information about the firearms used by the shooter.According to notes taken by RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell, Lucki said she felt “disobeyed” when those details were not shared, adding that the information “was tied to pending gun control legislation that would make officers and public safer.”Lucki later denied she interfered with the investigation and defended her discussions with Blair at the time.“As a police officer, and the RCMP Commissioner, I would never take actions or decisions that could jeopardize an investigation,” she said in a statement.“It is important to note that the

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