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Eight Sri Lankans among crew detained in Equatorial Guinea

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Eight Sri Lankan sailors, who are part of a 26 member crew of MT Heroic Idun, an oil vessel, have been "illegally" detained by Equatorial Guinea since 14 August.Apart from the Sri Lankan sailors, the crew also includes 6 Indian sailors and a national each of Poland and Philippines.As per the crew, their vessel was arrested by an Equatorial Guinea naval ship on international waters on 12th August and brought to Luba port under naval escort and threat of legal action.The vessel was arrested based on a request made by Nigeria.The Nigerian Navy says it is conducting an investigation into the activities of MT HEROIC IDUN, a supertanker, arrested by Equatorial Guinea forces over alleged crude oil theft in Nigeria.The vessel and its crew were arrested on August 7th by the Central African country after it fled from Nigeria’s AKPO oilfield when its alleged activities were uncovered by operatives of the Nigerian Navy.Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, spokesperson of the Nigerian Navy, confirmed that the vessel is on it way back to Nigeria for further investigations.He said after the investigation is complete, the office of the attorney-general of the federation (AGF) will determine whether or not the vessel and its crew will be prosecuted by the federal government.The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited in September said it loses $700 million every month as a result of oil theft and vandalism at terminals.The Incident: The Heroic Idun ship was supposed to load cargo of crude oil in Nigeria’s AKPO terminal on 8 August, but as per terminal instructions the loading operation was delayed and the ship never made any operations in Nigeria.The same evening, the ship was approached by an unidentified craft claiming

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Strictly star Matt Goss admits it's 'good' he left before Halloween due to health issue - express.co.uk - Usa - Britain - Poland
Strictly star Matt Goss admits it's 'good' he left before Halloween due to health issue
He said: "I have Poland Syndrome, so I only have one pec that was brought to the attention of a lot of people so I'm glad that the Poland Syndrome [was brought to people's attention].”"I remember sitting down and tears falling out of my eyes watching the Olympics - it was given a name and it hadn't been given a name."A Poland Syndrome charity said they'd never had so much publicity and an 85-year-old man said he didn't know what it was called until he read the piece.“Because people look at you and it's like, 'what's going on', you feel like a weirdo and now I feel like I am who I am."According to the NHS, Poland Syndrome is a very rare condition that is characterised by webbing of the fingers and of underdevelopment of chest muscle.Following his stint on Strictly, Matt spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about his time on the show as he promotes his upcoming Christmas single, The Beautiful Unknown.Matt explained that the criticism he received for not "smiling enough" was down to "stuff" going on in his life, hinting at personal woes he wanted to keep away from the dancefloor.Express.co.uk asked the Bros singer if he paid attention to any of the critiques on social media or from the judges.Matt said: "Apparently I wasn't smiling enough on Strictly and I'm sure you know there's stuff going on in my life that had to take precedence and I had to resolve that."I didn't want to reveal either because it was painful and I just, you know, had to hold on and I wanted to put my best foot forward, no pun intended.So I didn't feel the need to share that on social media."Matt recently moved back to the UK after living in the US for 25 years, as his return sadly took place without his mother and sister around to support him. In 2019,
Strictly's Matt Goss opens up about 'very rare' health condition to help raise awareness - express.co.uk - Poland
Strictly's Matt Goss opens up about 'very rare' health condition to help raise awareness
Matt Goss, 54, has opened up about his rare muscle condition in order to give children growing up with the syndrome more confidence.The star also praised Strictly Come Dancing for the way they have handled his condition, adding that the BBC show has helped him both physically and mentally.Matt has revealed just how much Strictly has done for his self-esteem after being born with a “very rare” condition. The musician was born with Poland syndrome, which is a condition characterised by webbing of the fingers and of underdevelopment of chest muscle, according to the NHS.Matt has shared that he has “one pectoral muscle on the right side instead of two.The lower one is missing, but the upper one is fine and strong.”When Matt was the frontman of Bros, he used to “pose covering that side of his chest”.However, he now has plans to reshoot campaigns thanks to the newfound confidence Strictly Come Dancing has given him. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Matt said: “My posture has improved since being on Strictly. I want to say to the judges, you’ve made me want to improve this and be proud of my posture. “I want to thank them.This is a journey for me – every week I am getting stronger.”He went on to praise Strictly’s costume team, who had been “kind and discreet” when it came to outfit fittings.Matt explained: “It has been one of my favourite things about the Strictly experience.The costume team were relative strangers at the beginning, but from the start, they’ve always been very kind and discreet – it has really touched me.“If I get a jacket made it will pull on the right side more.
Potential 'pregnancy register' in Poland stokes privacy fears for women - fox29.com - Eu - Poland - city Warsaw, Poland
Potential 'pregnancy register' in Poland stokes privacy fears for women
FILE - A protester holds a placard reading "Legal abortion, no compromises" during the protest. (Alex Bona/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)WARSAW, Poland - The government of Poland, where a near-total abortion ban is in place, faced accusations Monday of creating a "pregnancy register" as the country expands the amount of medical data being digitally saved on patients.Women's rights advocates and opposition politicians fear women face unprecedented surveillance given the conservative views of a ruling party that has already tightened what was one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws.They fear the new data could be used by police and prosecutors against women whose pregnancies end, even in cases of miscarriage, or that women could be tracked by the state if they order abortion pills or travel abroad for an abortion."A pregnancy registry in a country with an almost complete ban on abortion is terrifying," said Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, a left-wing lawmaker.The matter gained attention Monday after Health Minister Adam Niedzielski signed an ordinance Friday expanding the amount of information to be saved in a central database on patients, including information on allergies, blood type and pregnancies.The health ministry spokesman, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, sought to allay concerns, saying only medical professionals will have access to the data, and that the changes are being made at the recommendation of the European Union.Tens of thousands of people marched across the U.S.