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Former MP J. Sri Ranga elected President of the Sri Lanka Football Federation

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Former Member of Parliament J. Sri Ranga was elected President of the Sri Lanka Football Federation in a close contest on Saturday (14th) at the Ministry of Sports.Two candidates including J. Sri Ranga competed for the position of President, alongside Jagath Rohana.

The election was held at the Duncan White Auditorium at the premises of the Ministry of Sports.The former president of the Sri Lanka Football Federation Jaswar Umar, who arrived to compete at the election, did not have the opportunity to do so. While the President J. Sri Ranga received 27 votes and was elected to the position, his opponent Jagath Rohana, received 24 votes.T.H.S.

Indika was elected to the post of secretary of the new board of officers, receiving 29 votes. Arnold Emmanuel, who competed alongside him, received 22 votes. S.

R. M. M.

Assad competed for the post of Deputy Secretary of the Federation and won with 25 votes while M. H. M.


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