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New and improved: Huge Phillies logo, scoreboard nearly complete at Citizens Bank Park

PHILADELPHIA - In just a few short weeks, fans will pack Citizens Bank Park in hopes of cheering their Fightin' Phils into another World Series-bound season!Not only will they spot a few new faces, looking at you Trea Turner, it will be nearly impossible to miss some huge, new additions to the home of the Philadelphia Phillies.A massive scoreboard is currently being installed at Citizens Bank Park, and it looks to be almost complete.It's 77 percent larger than the last one, and the team says it can display 516 life-sized Phillie Phanatics at the same time. As if you could ever have too many Phanatics!And that's not all, the ballpark is also getting a brand-new Phillies logo to crown the new scoreboard.

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Joe Biden - Xavier Becerra - Mario Tama - Biden to put issue of lowering drug costs at center of political agenda - - Usa - state California - city Las Vegas - county Monterey - county Park - state Virginia - city San Gabriel
Biden to put issue of lowering drug costs at center of political agenda
FILE - President Joe Biden delivers remarks on reducing gun violence at the Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley on March 14, 2023, in Monterey Park, California. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) LAS VEGAS - President Joe Biden will highlight the stark differences in how Democrats are tackling skyrocketing drug prices compared to their Republican counterparts as he gears up for an expected reelection announcement.In a speech on Wednesday in Las Vegas that could serve as a preview of the campaign ahead, Biden planned to put the issue of lowering drug costs at the center of his policy and political agenda.The White House thinks it has a winning message in showcasing legislation passed last year that is expected to save taxpayers billions of dollars and lower the cost of drugs for the roughly 84 million Americans who rely on Medicare."These kind of savings will give people a little bit more breathing room, more comfort as they decide to go to the grocery store to buy their food, more ability to pay their rent, or maybe it’s just to do something decent for their families," Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told reporters on Tuesday as he previewed the Democratic president's remarks.Biden plans to talk up how his administration is rolling out several parts of that law, passed in a Democratic-controlled Congress last year, that cap the price of insulin, make most vaccines free and allow the federal government to negotiate deals on a handful of pharmaceutical drugs for Medicare enrollees.President Joe Biden appeared in Virginia on Feb.
Hawaiian man nicknamed 'Dolphin Dave' accused of harassing humpback whale - - county Bay - county Park - state Hawaii
Hawaiian man nicknamed 'Dolphin Dave' accused of harassing humpback whale
A 65-year-old man from Maui has been cited for harassing wildlife after videos emerged of him swimming close to a humpback whale and pursuing a pod of dolphins on March 5 and 6, (Credit: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources) A Hawaiian man known as "Dolphin Dave" is facing charges after he allegedly harassed wildlife in a state park.The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said 65-year-old David Jiménez of Maui was cited Monday morning at Kealakekua Bay on Hawai‘i Island.This comes after the department's Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement received numerous calls reporting alleged wildlife harassment. Kealakekua Whale & Dolphin Incidents, March 6, from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.Wildlife officials said Jiménez was allegedly actively pursuing an adolescent humpback whale and dolphins inside Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park.A video recording of a man snorkeling close enough to the adolescent humpback whale to almost touch the whale’s fin was given to authorities Sunday. ‘DISTURBING’ AMOUNT OF PLASTICS, DEBRIS FOUND INSIDE DEAD WHALE IN HAWAIIWhen officers arrived at shore Monday, they recorded Jiménez "actively pursuing a pod of spinner dolphins." They say Jiménez was leading a group chasing the dolphins. Both whales and dolphins are protected by state and federal laws.According to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources,Jiménez refers to himself as "Dolphin Dave," on Facebook, and told their officers he’s not going to stop swimming with whales and dolphins, "because it’s magical and others do much worse things."Jiménez was cited with the harassing wildlife in a state park and performing prohibited acts in regard to endangered whale species.
28 people hospitalised during Jathika Jana Balawegaya protest in Colombo - - county Park
28 people hospitalised during Jathika Jana Balawegaya protest in Colombo
Colombo (News1st) – 28 people have been hospitalised following the protest march organised by the Jathika Jana Balavegaya in Colombo on Sunday (26).Police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protest march which commenced at the Vihara Maha Devi Park in Colombo.The injured have been admitted to the National Hospital for treatment.The protest was held citing several concerns including delays in conducting the Local Government Election.Earlier in the day, the Fort Magistrate Court issued an order preventing a group of 26 including Leader of the Jathika Jana Balavegaya Anura Kumara Dissanayaka from entering areas around the President's Office, President House and Galle Face from 01 pm – 08 pm on Sunday (26).This was in reponse to a request made by the Fort, Kompannavidiya and Colpetty Police.The Police had made the request taking into consideration the inconvenience to the public owing to the JJB protest to be held in Colombo on Sunday (26) afternoon.Similarly, the Maligakanda Magistrate Court issued an order preventing a group including Leader of the Jathika Jana Balavegaya Anura Kumara Dissanayaka from protesting or marching around the Colombo Hospital Square.This was in response to a request made by the Maradana Police OIC.The Maradana Police had made the request considering the possible inconvenience to patients and people visiting the hospitals including the National Hospital and Eye Hospital.According to the court order, the protesters were prevented from marching from the Lipton Roundabout to Deans Road, as well as blocking the road and pavement leading upto the Seamans Road Junction.The court order applies to 26 including JJB Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka, Tilvin Silva, Vijitha Herath, Nalinda
Bob Iger - Disney workers rebel against return to office mandate - - Usa - state Florida - county Orange - county Park
Disney workers rebel against return to office mandate
ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA, USA - JUNE 1: Mickey Mouse and friends take part in a cavalcade parade on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World in Orange County, Florida on June 1, 2022. Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anni Disney employees are pushing back on the company's announcement that it will be returning to four days a week of in-person work.More than 2,300 workers have signed a petition addressed to CEO Bob Iger urging the executive to abandon the planned return to offices, claiming it is "likely to have unintended consequences that cause long-term harm to the company."FLORIDA BILL REVOKING DISNEY'S SELF-GOVERNING STATUS HEADS TO DESANTIS' DESK"This policy will slow, or even reverse, our post-COVID recovery and growth by creating critical resource shortages and causing irreplaceable institutional knowledge loss," the employee petition reads.Iger’s original email announcing the return to pre-pandemic workspaces, obtained by FOX Business, informed Disney employees of the policy change going into effect March 1. DISNEY TO SLASH 7,000 JOBSAt that time, those "currently working in a hybrid fashion will be asked to spend four days a week on-site, targeting Monday through Thursday as in-person workdays," according to the email.He pointed to the "tremendous value in being together with the people you work with" as he explained his reasoning for the change, noting he has been holding meetings with various teams across Disney since returning to the company."As you’ve heard me say many times, creativity is the heart and soul of who we are and what we do at Disney," Iger said in the email.
Professionals’ Trade Unions go on strike - - Sri Lanka - county Park - county Union - county Hyde
Professionals’ Trade Unions go on strike
COLOMBO (News 1st); Trade Unions in Sri Lanka have declared Wednesday the 8th of February as a day for protests.Trade Unions will be protesting against the government's failure to address the medicine shortage, and the unjust tax regime imposed by the government.They are expected to gather at Hyde Park in Colombo on Wednesday (8) afternoon.The Government Medical Officers Association, a party to the Professionals' Trade Union Collective said that a 24-hour token strike will be launched on Wednesday across all Private and State hospitals.The Federation of University Teachers' Associations also decided to engage in a one-day token strike.Trade Unions from the electricity, water supply, petroleum and port sectors are preparing for a joint protest in Fort, Colombo on Wednesday (8) afternoon.Port sector trade unions have announced a work-to-rule action in the morning, and are to join the protest in the afternoon.The water supply, petroleum and power supply sector trade unions announced that they will take sick leave on Wednesday (8) and join the protest without reporting to work.Activities across hospitals, universities, divisional secretaries, and other sectors affected by the trade union action launched by the Professionals' Trade Union CollectiveHowever, the Ceylon Electricity Board Technological Engineers and Superintendent Union stated that although they support the protest against the unjust tax regime, they will be taking necessary measures to supply electricity without disruption. A.G.U.
Mahinda Amaraweera - Yala joyriding group blacklisted & cannot visit any national park for three years - - Sri Lanka - county Park
Yala joyriding group blacklisted & cannot visit any national park for three years
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The individuals & vehicles involved in reckless joyriding inside the Yala National Park have been blacklisted.The Director General of Wildlife told News 1st that these individuals and vehicles cannot enter any National Park in Sri Lanka for three years.The guides who accompanied the group in a fleet of vehicles who operated recklessly inside the Yala National Park, and the Park Rangers who failed to control the situation were interdicted, said Minister Mahinda Amaraweera on Tuesday (26).Several videos of a fleet of vehicles entering the Yala National Park and doing doughnuts inside the park premises harassing the wildlife went viral on social media, attracting widespread condemnation from netizens.Sri Lanka's Ministry of Agriculture in a statement said that Minister Mahinda Amaraweera had instructed to immediately take action against against those involved in the incident.In addition, the Minister had requested the Inspector General of Police to arrest them irrespective of their status and position.The Minister added that steps will be taken to blackslist such individuals and vehicles from entering the Yala National Park.On Monday (24), The Department of Wildlife said that strict legal action will be taken against individuals who cause harm or harassment to the wild animals inside the Yala National Park.Director General of Wildlife Chandana Sooriyabandara told News 1st that Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has given clear instructions to institute immediate legal action against all individuals who had caused harm to wild animals using vehicles inside the Yala National Park.He said the Department of Wildlife is in possession of the information regarding such people, and the necessary evidence to take