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Teen becomes caregiver for cancer-stricken parents: 'It's all love'

MAUI, Hawaii - Sekope Sharits will turn 17 years old in August, but any celebration will be overshadowed by a daunting challenge: being the caretaker for his parents who were both recently diagnosed with cancer.His mother, Siu Ako Tolutau Sharits, 40, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April. His father, Kenneth, 52, is battling lymphoma after being diagnosed a few weeks ago.

Both parents are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Neither one is able to work."I honestly felt like the world was starting to become against me," Sekope told FOX Television Stations.

"We have one heck of a road ahead of us."Sekope Sharits and his family. (Credit: Siu Ako Tolutau Sharits) Sekope said there are no typical days, but usually, he wakes up in the mornings and tends to his parents’ needs such as administering their medicines, getting his father to exercise, and running errands for his mother.

He also takes care of his 11-year-old brother."Some people say it’s a lot to bear, but I do it out of my love for my parents," Sekope continued. "It’s all love for my parents."But Sekope said the medical and household bills are adding up— such as food and clothes.

The family said medical and disability insurance helps out a little, but they’re racking up thousands of dollars in payments.RELATED: Study suggests genetic cancer risks could be enhanced by metabolism"We still got to take care of my mom’s ambulance stay," he added."We got my ambulance bill which is $1,800 and we’re not that far from the hospital," Siu explained. "Not looking forward to the mailbox with all those bills but it’s going to come soon, slowly.""Some people say it’s a lot to bear, but I do it out of my love for my parents," Sharits saidA GoFundMe page

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