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Woman offering reward for ring lost in King of Prussia Town Center store

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - A woman is asking for help finding her wedding ring she lost at a store in King of Prussia."It's a 3 stone diamond ring made in platinum and the center piece is emerald cuts," said Faith Niu.She’s worried sick over losing her wedding ring on Black Friday. She says she took it off and put it in her pocket while helping a friend do stuff around the house.

She says she never put it back on before going to Nordstrom Rack in King of Prussia Town Center."I tried on jeans and that’s why when it fell from my pocket and drop on the floor but I didn’t notice. I left the store about an hour or 20 minutes later I notice oh where's my ring?" Faith frantically called her husband."I said honey I have to tell you I lost my ring," she


Faith Niu

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