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Shark attack on Florida beach seriously injures teen girl

(Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) KEATON BEACH, Fla. - A teenage girl was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries Thursday after she was attacked by a shark while scalloping with her family in Florida, authorities said.According to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded Thursday afternoon to Keaton Beach in the Big Bend area along the Gulf Coast, where a juvenile had been bitten by a shark near Grassy Island in water about 5 feet deep.It’s unclear what kind of shark bit her, but it was described as approximately 9 feet long. A family member reportedly jumped in the water and "beat the shark" until the girl was freed.The teen was airlifted to a Tallahassee hospital with serious injuries.

Taylor County Sheriff Wayne Padgett later said that it "looks like she’s going to lose her leg," but she’s expected to survive.RELATED: Fisherman bitten by shark near Bahamas rescued by Coast GuardShark attacks increased around the world in 2021 following three consecutive years of decline, and a new study says sharks are swimming closer to crowded beaches than previously thought. Florida has led the U.S. and the rest of the world in unprovoked shark bites for decades, and the trend continued in 2021, researchers said.

Florida had 28 unprovoked bites last year, compared to 19 in the rest of the U.S. and 26 total outside the U.S.

This is consistent with Florida’s most recent five-year annual average of 25 attacks.RELATED: WATCH: Large shark spotted close to shore at Florida dog beachOf Florida’s 28 unprovoked bites, 17 were in Volusia County, which includes Daytona Beach.Unprovoked attacks occur when there is no human provocation. Provoked attacks are defined as when humans initiate contact, such as divers

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Jumbo Floating Restaurant capsizes after being towed from Hong Kong port
A video frame grab from AFPTV footage show Hong Kong's Jumbo Floating Restaurant, an iconic but aging tourist attraction designed like a Chinese imperial palace, being towed out of Aberdeen Harbour on June 14, 2022, after years of revitalization effo HONG KONG - Hong Kong’s iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant has capsized in the South China Sea less than a week after it was towed away from the city, its parent company said Monday.The restaurant encountered "adverse conditions" on Saturday as it was passing the Xisha Islands, also known as the Paracel Islands, in the South China Sea, and water entered the vessel and it began to tip, according to Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Ltd.The company said no one was injured, but that efforts to save the vessel failed and it capsized on Sunday."As the water depth at the scene is over 1,000 meters, (it makes it) extremely difficult to carry out salvage works," it said in a statement.It said the company "is very saddened by this accident."File: The Jumbo floating restaurant, Aberdeen Bay, seen in 1991. (Photo by Edgar MC TRESSIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) The Jumbo Floating Restaurant, almost 80 meters (260 feet) in length, had been a landmark in Hong Kong for over four decades, serving Cantonese cuisine to over 3 million guests including Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise.It closed in 2020 due to the pandemic and laid off all its staff.
Canada, Denmark reach deal to end dispute over tiny Arctic island - - Canada - county Island - Denmark - Russia - state Indiana - county Ocean - Greenland - Ukraine
Canada, Denmark reach deal to end dispute over tiny Arctic island
Arctic and is expected to be signed Tuesday, according to a government minister.Dan Vandal, minister of northern affairs, confirmed Monday that there will be an “official signing” of the accord over Hans Island on Tuesday.The barren rock has been the subject of decades of diplomatic disputes between the two nations, as it sits in the territorial waters of both.The agreement is expected to divide the uninhabited island between Ellesmere Island, in Nunavut, and Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory. Canada, 6 other countries leave Arctic Council over Russia’s war in Ukraine Vandal, speaking to reporters on Monday, said he was “looking forward” to the signing of the agreement and would attend the ceremony.He said “discussions have been going on for a long time” and “the important part is that the deal got done and we are going to have the signing tomorrow.”“I think it’s very positive given our world situation today,” he said.The deal is likely to mean that Canada, for the first time, shares a land border with Denmark.The dispute over the small island has led to good-natured jostling since the 1980s between Canada and Denmark over which country rightfully owns it.In 1984, Canada planted a flag on the island and left a bottle of Canadian whisky.Later that year, Denmark’s minister of Greenland affairs visited by helicopter, planting a Danish flag.
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Molly-Mae Hague says sex life with Tommy Fury was ‘non-existent’ during health battle
Molly-Mae Hague has spoken out about the way her battle with endometriosis impacted her sex life with her boyfriend Tommy Fury.The pair met on Love Island in 2019 and finished as the seasons runners up.Molly Mae has previously spoken out about her struggles with endometriosis, a condition that effects 10 of the female population.Endometriosis is a condition that causes the uterus lining to grow in other places in the body, including the ovaries and fallopian tubes.In severe cases, painful ovarian cysts and adhesions – "sticky" areas of endometriosis tissue that can join organs together – can develop.In her new book, Becoming Molly Mae, she wrote about how it impacted her relationship with Tommy: "Before I was with Tommy, I wasn’t really having sex, so I didn’t really think there were any problems other than my period pains." She then added: "I was suffering horrendous pain – literally feeling like I’d been stabbed in the stomach – just awful. "And it was causing me so many issues."Big TMI!" Molly-Mae then joked, before sharing: "But my sex life just became non-existent: it was just not part of our relationship."Having undergone surgery for the condition last year and shown off her scars from the procedure, the influencer and PrettyLittleThing Creative director said that her symptoms were so painful she felt like she’d "been hit by a car"."Mine have definitely worsened over the years, I cannot explain the levels of pain I have experienced."I have actually nearly called myself an ambulance on multiple occasions because of the level of pain that I was in."In the same video Molly-Mae explain how sex is "still painful" for her.
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11 Indian fishermen detained in seas off Delft Island; 3 trawlers seized by Navy
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka Navy detained 11 Indian fishermen and seized 3 Indian fishing boats for illegally entering the Sea of Sri Lanka on Monday (7) night.Sri Lanka Navy Spokesperson Captain Indika De Silva told News 1st that the Indian poachers were detected in the Sea of Sri Lanka off Delft Island.The detained fishermen will be handed over to the Jaffna District Fisheries Office for processing.On Monday (7), 21 Indian fishermen who were previously detained were remanded to the 21st of February by the Point Pedro Magistrate’s Court.Court granted permission to record statements from the Indian fishermen and also ordered for the 100 kg catch detected from their boats to be sold and the return be produced to the court.21 Indian Fishermen Detained:In a special operation conducted by Sri Lanka Navy and Coast Guard, 02 Indian trawlers with 21 Indian fishermen were held for poaching in Sri Lankan territorial waters, off Kovilan and Point Pedro Lighthouse, Jaffna on the night of 31st January 2022.This special operation was mounted by deploying Fast Attack Craft of the 04th Fast Attack Flotilla in the Northern Naval Command, another Fast Patrol Boat of Sri Lanka Coast Guard and with the assistance of the Navy’s Special Boat Squadron.The operation led to the apprehension of these 02 Indian trawlers with 21 Indian fishermen while poaching in Sri Lankan territorial waters on the night of 31st January.As the Indian trawlers were attempting to evade naval units with their aggressive manoeuvres, they also caused damages to the SLN Fast Attack Craft.The Navy also held several bottom trawling equipment and fish caught by this illegal fishing method from the seized fishing trawlers.