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Rocky, the owl found in the Rockefeller Christmas tree, has been returned to the wild

A tiny Saw-whet owl was found stuck inside this year’s Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in 30 Rock last week, and thanks to some wonderful environmentalists, Rocky the owl has been returned to the wild.Rockefeller, or “Rocky” for short, was stuck inside the 75-foot-tall tree and found and named by a worker setting up the tree on Nov. 16, according to the Associated Press.Rocky, who is a female owl, was taken to Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in the Hudson Valley town of Saugerties to be nursed back to health.

She didn’t have any injuries, but according to reports, she hadn’t eaten in three days from the day she was found.When the news broke about Rocky, the internet immediately became obsessed with the little cutie. Other people brought up

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