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The Stone of Destiny’s ancient, ‘iconic’ role in King Charles’ coronation
Stone of Scone at Westminster Abbey ahead of King Charles III‘s coronation on May 6 — the latest chapter in a centuries-long history shared by the two countries.Charles will become the latest in a long line of monarchs who have been crowned atop the stone, also known as the Stone of Destiny. Once a spoil of war, it is now seen as an ancient symbol not just of Scotland’s own monarchy, but also the oft-uneasy unity at the core of the United Kingdom that Charles now rules over.“It’s a really iconic object,” Rachel Pickering, a historian and advisor for Historic Environment Scotland, told Global News.Historians believe the 150-kilogram block of red sandstone dates back to the late ninth century, but Pickering notes its exact origins are “shrouded in mystery.”Some legends date the stone back to biblical times, while others believe it came from the ancient Antonine Wall built by the Romans across Central Scotland in the second century.Yet Pickering says it’s widely accepted that “the stone is from Scotland, and more specifically that it comes from the locality of Scone.”Whatever its origins, the stone was used for centuries in the coronations of Scottish kings at Scone Palace on Moot Hill in Perthshire — hence the name Stone of Scone.That was until 1296, when King Edward I of England seized the stone from Scotland during the First Scottish War of Independence, along with the royal regalia of John Balliol, King of Scots.“They were essentially stripped from the Scottish king and taken to England as sort of war booty,” Pickering said.Upon returning to England, Edward commissioned what is now known as the Coronation Chair, a wooden throne that housed the Stone of Scone directly under the seat.