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NJ's plastic bag ban creates new issue of shoppers stealing baskets when forgetting their bags

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - It’s been more than two months since New Jersey enacted its plastic bag ban and some Garden State residents are having a hard time remembering to bring reusable bags and are taking off with the plastic baskets.Change can be hard for some folks and, in New Jersey, some folks are simply stuck in their ways. "It’s a little ridiculous," one shopper laughed.May 4th, New Jersey banned plastic and paper bags. Ever since then, it’s been a struggle for some folks to remember to bring their own bags.

So much so, in fact, according to a recent article on, people are just stealing baskets, instead.RELATED HEADLINES:"Did we forget the bags today?" asked FOX 29’s Marcus Espinoza."Yeah, I forgot my bags. Every time. Every single time.

I have actually never remembered my bags since the bag-less thing started," Chip responded.Chip didn’t take a basket home, but he did have a hack of his own."Is this the hack of just putting stuff in and bringing the whole cart?" Espinoza questioned."Absolutely! Sure, yeah, absolutely," Chip exclaimed.Laura Kepler is an avid ‘Remembers Her Bag’ kind of person and she says it’s not that hard and people shouldn’t steal baskets. "I guess people forget their bags, which makes sense, but I wouldn’t want to steal from the store. It’s just a behavior change.

Marcus Espinoza

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